How Do I Access My SBCGlobal Net Email?

If we have little idea and also follow the steps given below to set this email in your iPhone or iPad then you can get easily accessible to sbcglobal email. It can be easily accessed by changing the sbcglobal email settings.

Follow this step by step:

  • On your iPhone or iPad, open the settings.
  • Then you will be able to see an option called mail, contacts and calendar. Tap on it and there will be ‘other’ select that then click on the add account. If you cannot see your SBCglobal email, then it is not available.
  • Next you will have to add your name, email(email of your sbcglobal), password and description (you are free to write anything you want).
  • After this click on the next.
  • Select mail server settings:

For incoming mail server:

  • Hostname is
  • Username is your SBCglobal email address.
  • Password is your SBCglobal password.

For outgoing mail server:

  • Hostname is
  • Username and password (do as said above).
  • Save everything you have done.
  • Click on settings, then to SBCglobal account and finally to advanced settings. Now enter incoming settings.
  • Mark ssl as yes
  • Authentication - password
  • Server port is 993
  • In the outgoing setting, do the same as the incoming settings but you have to change the server port alone.
  • It is 465.

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