176 | Allegra | Costumer in Wardrobe Dept [Audio]

Name: Allegra

Occupation:  Costumer in Wardrobe Dept

Favorite Phrase:  "Well, it felt like..."

PetPeeve:  Passive Aggressive People

Allegra LOVES making the characters you see on TV and film look their best.

Kain't nobody do it lyke Allegra
Betcha sharp, dress the part with Allegra
'Kause ain't nobody got it lyke Allegra
Make you look your best on the screen that's Allegra

Check the threads
Fit lyke a second to a minute
Tailored to a T
Make you feel lyke a million

Wake up
before the sun's up
She rolls over
Just to put in work 12 hrs and over
Plus commute even Mora

If your excessive
Or indirect lyke
Passive aggressive
Betta move Lyke a Maybach
And get up out her tressess

If that ain't the kase
Please do explain
You thought it a bit trife?
"But to me
You see"
Well, it felt lyke

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