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(54) Rise of the Starborn

Rumour has it Lady Shae, a wealthy metal merchant in Crow’s Keep, is looking to hire private investigators to sail to Arran Isle. Situated on the eastern shores of Lake Argos, Shae’s son was a navy guard stationed on the island when he went missing. She wants him found ASAP.

Rise of the Starborn is a mystery/infiltration adventure set on a reclusive isle. Maps this month by the excellent Tad Davis of Iconic Maps :D Links to patrons shortly, and as always, thanks to all for your continued support - enjoy and good gaming! 

Cover image copyright Publishers Choice Quality Stock ARt (c) Rick Hershey Fat Goblin Games, used with permission. 

Fishling image copyright Gary Dupuis, used with permission. 

Map copyright Tad David Iconic Maps, used wit permission. 

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