Hello everyone!

Just a few things I forgot to mention... the comic is continuing, and I hope to put up a new line of panels every two or three days. you have to use the long Tumblr URL in order to read it in order, as Tumblr automatically puts the latest post first (which would read backwards.)

For those who want more RIGHT NOW, there is a Patron-only post going up after this one - a sketch from the next set of panels. 

There was one other thing I was supposed to mention... oh yes so there are two main Characters in this comic - Monster Adams, obviously, and her boyfriend Tom Bramble. I will refer to him as Narrator or the Narrator A LOT. That's because for the last 4 years his name has been a secret (the book version didn't feature his name at all) but I've changed that for the comic. He is still narrating, though. 

Anyhoo, speak soon!

your friend,