ANNOUNCEMENT! Upcoming Character Design Class

Hello Everyone!

I'm very proud to announce my first upcoming online class!

In 8 sessions I will help you create and explore a lively character design which will make great portfolio pieces.

This class will begin Friday, September 10th and will be available to all my Patrons for the duration of the course of 4 months.
Every second Friday a video and assignment will be released and you will have 2 weeks to complete the assignment before the next video.

There will be a new membership level at 35$ added September 1st, the “student owl”, limited to 8 slots for those of you who would like to receive feedback.
First come , first serve. So mark your calendar If interested!
I will announce this new membership level on social media, a couple of days later so you have a bit of an advantage in getting a slot.
I will record one video per session including the feedback for all  8  "student owls" this way all owls can profit from the feedback given to all.
(The individual feedback per "student owl "will take up 10-15 mins within the roughly 1,5 -2h video)
At the end of the course the “student owls” will all get a package with all videos and material to download.

SESSION 1 First design. Explore own design, shapes, ideas

SESSION 2 Move your character! In action.

SESSION 3 Move your character. Subtle posing

SESSION 4 Expression sheet

SESSION 5 Turnaround

SESSION 6 Color exploration.

SESSION 7 Draw your character's room.

SESSION 8 Create an illustration of your character in his favourite place.

This course might become available on other learning platforms at some point but will cost more than here on Patreon.

So what do you think?
I was actually planning to have this start next week but I realized that I need a bit more time.  In addition it makes sense for everyone to have some time to plan this a bit.
So I pushed the beginning of the class to September and that feels more comfortable. Sorry to those of you who where excited about it starting next week^^'

Do you have a OC you would like to explore and push further?
These videos will basically be a bit more elaborate #howschmoedraws videos but with a chronological and educational plan.
!!!!Every Patron is welcome to join in the fun and welcome to share their results on discord and/or social media!  Apart from the feedback videos  for the new membership level,  I will try to give out small feedback on discord  to everyone else participating but  that really depends ion the time I have, but I feel like on Discord we already have a fun little community where us artists help each other.

Wheeee I'm excited!


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