Switch Games Club: August 2021

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Each month club members come together to play a game that's available on the Nintendo Switch and then discuss it on the Switch Weekly Discord!

For July we checked out Natsume's Wild Guns. I found the controls a bit tricky, but it was a fun enough arcade shooter with a neat wild west / futuristic / steampunk blend. Kinda had Wild Wild West vibes (but it came out before the movie haha).

For August (🗓 starting on the 2nd) we're gonna give Kirby's Dream Course a go.

🎮 Kirby's Dream Course (HAL Laboratory & Nintendo EAD, 1994)

I know nothing about this game, but after my mild disappointment with Mario Golf Super Rush I'm down to give another golf game a go — especially one that seems more committed to its core gimmick/theme. 

So, if you want to join us for some miniature gold, here's what you need to know:

You'll need to be a 'Community' level patron ($3p/m) — once in you'll get access to the exclusive #switch-games-club channel on the Switch Weekly Discord, and that's where we'll be discussing our play through. If for any reason you can't see the Discord just drop me a message (here, via email, Twitter) and I'll get it sorted.

Just a note: the game is available to play for Switch Online members and can be found in the SNES app.

This marks our thirteenth monthly games club session — please do join us in a bit of Kirby putt putt action.

- Chris ✌️

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