hi taxpayers and cake enjoyers, here's an update on my hiatus and future content.

the patreon page now solely grants access to the patreon feed and private discord channels where i'm posting comic content (episodes, WIPs, wallpapers, concept art…) irregularly.

※ to clarify, early access, reader shoutouts and the monthly update report were removed since no public episodes are being posted until further notice.

due to the changes above, i am offering refunds for this month. you can request one via patreon. i will not be refunding new pledges made after this notice goes live, or pledges continued into september.

Endless Night encore production remains on hiatus and may extend beyond september. i unfortunately literally cannot afford to work on it like i used to. however, thankfully, any negative feelings i had towards the series completely disappeared. (social media/internet detox is a fantastic thing.)

a very unconventional prequel to ENe is currently in the works. the plan is to produce (most of) season 1 and see if it can get me back into working on only comics full-time without having to compromise on ENe's artistic integrity (because capitalism or whatever).

in terms of physical health, i'm still at "it hasn't gotten worse." after a seemingly endless downward spiral, i'll take it (lol). my mental health on the other hand has improved tremendously; there's still a lot of work to be done, but i feel more equipped to tackle it now.

i am just happy to be excited about creating again.

there's a lot i'm learning in this hiatus, and i might write a longer post about it to wrap up the end of the year—in hopes of helping other creators not repeat my mistakes.

the discord server is the best way to keep up, even if it's just to lurk on the patreon channels (hit me up if you can't access them). see ya soon-ish!

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