April Progress Report
I've been busier than I expected to be in April. My mother came to stay with us at the end of March and a lot of April (much more than expected) has been spent helping her get settled. Now that she has a bed and a little privacy and her dog Angel and her cat Luna have had their vet checks, spay and shots, hopefully things will settle down on that front and I'll be better able to make more progress on this career change.

;)  As I said recently, the important thing isn't whether you've been knocked down, it's what you do when you get back up! And in the early part of April, we got a pretty cool review for Woohooligan in Graphic Policy's Webcomics Weekly.

What else did we accomplish?

Comic Pages: 3 - still ahead of schedule, despite being slower than previous months

Bonus Content: 0 - I'd hoped to get some done in April, but didn't manage it due to still recovering from the move.

Commissions: 0 - I'm still waiting to hear back from a couple of the people who won the raffle for previous months. I had heard from Sarah Roark, but because she made a fairly open-ended request and because I'm a fan of her comic, After Daylight, it took me a while to figure out what to make for her and it didn't get done until the beginning of March. You can see that comic I made for her here. I'm about to announce the winners for the last two months in a few minutes after I finish this progress report. 

Research: I've started reading the IDW Social Media Marketing for Dummies All-In-One. So far it's going much the same way the previous two(?) books went -- these books are long, dense, and for someone with a severely constrained budget like mine, they contain very little actionable advice. I'm still hopeful something will turn up. 

Ad Campaigns: 0 - I've started spending my usual baseline daily ad budget again, but haven't run any more boosted campaigns. On a daily basis that's usually about $3/day. When I know I have $20-25 I can spend, I'll run a M/W/F, 8am-8pm ad that chews through that whole amount in a day. Those bursts are pretty effective, driving huge spikes in traffic and a lot of new readers who then dive back through the archive. I still haven't been able to do that since the move, though I'm hopeful I can toward the end of March.

Promotion: 0 - this entails non-paid contacting of bloggers and podcasters about reviews and/or interviews. I haven't been contacting anyone this month because of how busy I've been with mom and the move, but we did get that review I mentioned before from Graphic Policy in their Webcomics Weekly.

I plan to push to get a bunch more laughter headed your way in the next couple weeks. And although it's not part of the news for April, I'm publishing this update a little late again and I thought I'd mention that the Patreon has gone up a bit finally since we started planning for the move, adding another $10/mo to $53/mo total now as of May 14th. Woohoo! :D

Stay tuned, and stay awesome, Hooligans!