The Anvil - Obsolete Draft
It just occurred to me that I could share old versions of "The Anvil," since the initial drafts have very little relation to the final one. So... here is one of them. I'll warn you... It's not really very good, in my opinion. It may be possible to get into it if some of the flaws are overlooked, but I scrapped it for a reason.

But here you go. An entire novel to read. I hope you enjoy it.

Though I've abandoned this draft, any critique, feedback, and criticism is still welcome, because some plot elements remain important (but I'm not gonna say which). :D

If you're reading from a phone or tablet, the epub is probably the best way to go (I'd recommend Moon Reader or Aldiko if you don't already have an app for it). If you're reading from a PC, go with the PDF or DOCX.