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Watch With Jen - S2: E31 - Underrated Italian-American Films with William Boyle

Aug 7, 2021

This week, I was honored to welcome back my gifted friend and an official friend of the show. William Boyle is the acclaimed novelist of such books as Gravesend, The Lonely Witness, A Friend is a Gift You Give Yourself, City of Margins, and the upcoming Shoot the Moonlight Out

A knowledgeable film buff and a bard of Italian-American New York life, especially in the era he came of age in the 1990s (which I love since we're roughly the same age), in the past, Bill appeared to discuss the career of David Morse along with critic Nell Minow, and stopped by twice last year to chat including once about actor Mickey Rourke. 

This time, he joined me to discuss five of his favorite underrated, overlooked, and/or largely forgotten Italian-American films, including Fatso (1980), Mac (1992), Household Saints (1993), Angie (1994), and Two Family House (2000). 

In this delightfully breezy yet reflective chat, we shared some of our own family tales, our thoughts on the movies, and agreed that since we had no idea how to pronounce a few of the gorgeous Italian names, we'd say them multiple ways to ensure we were right at least once. So pull up your chair, prepare and plate some pasta, and enjoy it along with a hearty sauce and this rich conversation.

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