ColorEvolve: "Some Little Touch Of Light", second stage

This one is challenging, yo.

The background I made for it yesterday turned out much better than my first attempt (which I threw out). Like before, I drew the planet in relief outliner, waited for that to dry...

...and then ran into some issues. I'd decided that each shaded area of the planet would be a different color. Originally, I alternated between fantasy paint and alcohol ink, so the levels looked like:

Top: Fantasy paint, moonstone
2nd layer: bright orange, alcohol ink
3rd layer (above rings): fantasy paint, metal blue
4th layer: bright pink, alcohol ink

And so on.

In practice, this didn't work - no matter what colors I used and how much I lightened them, the alcohol ink would either turn purple (which comprised the majority of the background), or became a dirty grey mess. And the fantasy paint layers didn't look much better - you couldn't really see the honeycomb effect of the Prisme paint.

I think this occurred because the background had SO many dark blue, purple, and black ink layers that it was just impossible for anything lighter to show up.

Frustrated after the third time or so, I scooped out both the alcohol ink and the Prisme and replaced it with liquid acrylic. THAT worked just fine....

...but there were still problems. Most importantly, all the ring detail (intended to later become rivers) had been wiped away. It originally looked something like this, although far better (I've added the black lines here digitally): 

You get the idea.

I redid the lines with blue gel pen, and attempted again to fill them. I'd hoped to alternate between multiple mediums with each swing past, like I did here.

But "Sight" was painted on an 11 x 14 panel - the liquid panels I've been using here are only 6 x 6. I had a lot less room, and that meant that when I had to fill the lines in - especially with the alcohol ink - it just kinda went everywhere.

THAT meant I had to create yet another fantasy-paint boundary around the planet, which ultimately resulted in my Saturn looking like...well, like a space burger. Let's be honest - that is not a planet. That is an intergalactic double with cheddar and bacon.


I'm going to put this one on hold for a few days because between it and my other space painting, I'm completely out of black. Acrylic, gouache, liquid acrylic, alcohol ink....totally gone. I'll need to pick up some more before my next attempt (and probably should've noted that last week, when I placed an order for new supplies).

What I think I'm going to do here:

- Try again from scratch, but this time use an 11 x 14 liquid panel instead of a 6 x 6. If I want to stick with the idea of using relief outliner (which I do, since it's really the only thing that will act as a barrier for the alcohol ink), that'll give me WAY more room to sketch out the rings, making it less likely that they'll be wrecked when it's time to fill them in.

- After the background is done, I'll apply a thin layer of resin before moving on to the planet. That should seal the darker colors well enough so that we don't have the "everything turns purple" problem again.

- Instead of trying to outline the entire thing and then fill, I'll draw and paint Saturn *without* the rings first, THEN add those once everything else is dry. If I manage to get *that* far, then I'll create a river within the existing rings. 
Exploration!  Woo!

Materials added this stage:Relief outliner, gel pens, fantasy paint, liquid acrylics


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