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19th Sept 2021 - Silver Price Possible 20% CRASH Imminent

In advance of my Silver in-depth analysis here is a brief early warning of a possible 20% crash in the Silver price due to repeated failures to breakout higher, currently trading $22.34, just above support at $22 that it is revisiting for the fourth time a break of which risks a Crash of at least 20% to below $18 that could be imminent.

The full in-depth analysis and trend forecast will be made available to Patrons before the end of September.

12th Sept 2021 - Dow Short-term Trend Analysis

Despite most of our AI stocks soaring into the stratosphere the general stock market since early May has basically gone nowhere. Where whilst still managing to eek out higher highs into Mid August, the high was barely 500 points above where the Dow topped early May. Clearly the smart money (you and I) were distributing along the highs, waiting for the straw to break the bull camels back which on the short-term basis has now happened, the Dow made a lower high late August and on Friday traded and closed below the August lows of 34,700. That's TWO technical sell signals, a lower high and a lower low and that's not even taking into account the fanning out of the trendlines going back to early June.

So on a short-term basis the trend is DOWN.

Full analysis was made available to Patrons on the 17th of September.

9th Sept 2021 - What's feeding the stocks bull market

I will be covering what this means for the stock market in my next exclusive to Patrons analysis.

17th Sept 2021 - Stock Market FOMO Hits September Brick Wall - Dow Trend Forecast Sept 2021 to May 2022 

  • Stock Market Forecast 2021 Review
  • Stock Market AI mega-trend Big Picture
  • US Economy and Stock Market Addicted to Deficit Spending
  • US Economy Has Been in an Economic Depression Since 2008
  • Inflation and the Crazy Crypto Markets
  • Inflation Consequences for the Stock Market
  • FED Balance Sheet
  • Weakening Stock Market Breadth
  • Why Most Stocks May Go Nowhere for the Next 10 Years!
  • FANG Stocks
  • Margin Debt
  • Dow Short-term Trend Analysis
  • Dow Annual Percent Change
  • Dow Long-term Trend Analysis
  • ELLIOTT WAVES Analysis
  • Stocks and 10 Year Bond Yields
  • Short-term Seasonal Trend
  • US Presidential Cycle 
  • Best Time of Year to Invest in Stocks
  • 2021 - 2022 Seasonal Investing Pattern
  • Formulating a Stock Market Trend Forecast
  • Dow Stock Market Trend Forecast Sept 2021 to May 2022 Conclusion
  • Investing fundamentals
  • IBM Continuing to Revolutionise Computing
  • AI Stocks Portfolio Current State
  • My Late October Stocks Buying Plan
  • HIGH RISK STOCKS - Invest and Forget!
  • Afghanistan The Next Chinese Province, Australia Living on Borrowed Time
  • Evergrande China's Lehman's Moment
  • Aukus Ruckus

1st Sept 2021 - Stock Market FOMO Going into Crash Season, Chinese Stocks and Bitcoin Trend Update 

  • FOMO Fumes on Negative Earnings
  • Cathy Woods ARK Funds Performance Year to Date - Chinese Stocks Big Mistake
  • INTEL The Two Steps Forward One Step Back Corporation
  • AMD Ryzen 3D
  • New Potential Addition to my AI Stocks Portfolio
  • Why is Netflix a FAANG Stock?
  • Stock Market CRASH / Correction
  • How to Protect Your Self From a Stock Market CRASH / Bear Market?
  • Chinese Tech Stocks CCP Paranoia 
  • VIES - Variable Interest Entities
  • CCP Paranoid
  • Best AI Tech Stocks ETF?
  • Best UK Investment Trust
  • AI Stocks Buying Pressure Evaluation 
  • AI Stocks Portfolio Current State
  • AI Stocks Portfolio KEY
  • What to Buy Today?
  • High Risk Stocks KEY
  • Bitcoin Trend Forecast Current State
  • Crypto Bear Market Accumulation Current State
  • Crazy Crypto Exchanges - How to Buy Bitcoin for $42k, Sell for $59k when trading at $47k!

9th August 2021 - AI Stocks Portfolio Buying and Selling Levels, Bubble Valuations 2000 vs 2021 

  • Stock Market Bubble Valuations 2000 vs 2021
  • Microsoft to the Moon - OUCH!
  • CISCO to the Moon - OUCH!
  • INTEL to the Moon - OUCH!
  • Tech Stocks in a Bubble today?
  • China / US Stock Markets Divergence 
  • AI Stocks Portfolio Buying and SELLING Levels
  • AI Stocks Portfolio Buy / Sell Table Update
  • High Risk Stocks
  • Market Oracle AI Coin Mothballed
  • Global Warming Code RED

26th July 2021 - Chasing Value with Five More Biotech Stocks for the Long-run 

  • Bxxxxxxxxx - Bxxxx -- Risk 3
  • Cxxxxxxxxxxxx- Cxxx - - Risk 5
  • Txxxxxxxxxx - Txx - - Risk 1
  • Bxxxxxxxxxxxxx- Bxxx - Risk 8
  • Axxxxxxxxxxx - Axxx -- Risk 10
  • High Risk Stocks Portfolio Buying Levels
  • Netflix - FAANG a Buy, Sell or Hold?
  • Trending towards Hyperinflation!
  • Delta Variant! 
  • Solar CME MULTIPLE Black Swans

19th July 2021 -  AI Predicts AI Tech Stock Price Valuations into 2024, Time to Buy Chinese Tech Stocks? 

  • AI Stocks Value Forecaster (ASVF).
  • How I Use ASVF6 - Percent Upwards Pressure (PUP)
  • AI Stocks Buying Levels Plus ASVF & PUP 
  • AI Stocks Portfolio Buying Levels
  • Dow Stock Market Trend Forecasting Neural Nets
  • Pattern Recognition 
  • Trend Analysis Preprocessing
  • Crossing the Rubicon With These Three High Risk Tech Stocks
  • Cheap Chinese Tech Stock 1
  • Cheap Chinese Tech Stock 2
  • Cheap Chinese Tech Stock 3
  • CME Black Swan

6th July 2021 - Investing in a Bubble Mania Stock Market Trending Towards Financial Crisis 2.0 CRASH! 

  • You Don't Know How Big of a Bubble Your in until AFTER it BURSTS
  • Stock Market Summer Correction
  • REPO Market Brewing Financial Crisis Black Swan Danger
  • Margin Debt Bubble
  • US Bond Market Long-term Trend
  • Michael "Big Short" Burry CRASH and HYPERINFLATION WARNING!
  • Michael Burry's Track Record
  • Michael Burry's Portfolio
  • Investing During Uncertainty
  • AI Stocks Portfolio Buying July Levels Update
  • HEDGING AI Stocks Portfolio 
  • Crypto Bear Market Acclimation Current State
  • Bitcoin Bull / Bear Indicator
  • Market Oracle AI Coin Thoughts
  • Biotech Brief

17th June 2021 - AI STOCKS PORTFOLIO SALES - A brief update on selling AI stock positions

15th June 2021 - Bitcoin Bear Market Trend Forecast 2021 and Model Crypto Portfolio Buying Levels 

  • Investing in the Tulip Crypto Mania
  • Bitcoin Price Trend Forecast Review
  • Lessons Learned
  • Cathy Crypto Wood's View on Bitcoin
  • Stock to Flow Infinity and Beyond!
  • Bitcoin, Crypto's and the Inflation Mega-trend
  • Black Swan 1 - Will Crypto's Get Banned?
  • Black Swan 2 - GOOGLE
  • Black Swan 3 - USDT Tether Un-Stable Coin Ponzi Schemes!
  • BLACK SWAN 4 - Bitcoin 51% Network Attack by China?
  • Black Swan 5 - Bitcoin is Already Obsolete
  • US Trending Towards Hyperinflation
  • Bitcoin Bear markets analysis - How low could she blow?
  • Bitcoin Trend Forecast
  • Bitcoin Long-term probable Next bull market price target
  • Alternative Scenarios
  • My Crypto Bear Market Investing Strategy
  • Crypto 1 - Ethereum (ETH) $2600 
  • Crypto 2 - Bitcoin $40,375
  • Crypto 3 - Ravencoin $0.078
  • Crypto 4 - Cardano $1.59
  • Crypto 5 - Pokadot $25
  • Crypto 6 - ChainLink $26
  • Crypto's 7 to 10 
  • Creating The Perfect Crypto 
  • How to Invest in Crypto Without Getting SCAMMED
  • Binance vs Coinbase 
  • Have ARK Invest Funds Bottomed?

25th May 2021 - Five More Small Cap Bio and Tech Stocks to Invest for 2021 and Beyond! 

  • Invest and Forget
  • Stock Market Early Summer Correction Review
  • AI Stocks Strength vs Weakness
  • WESTERN DIGITAL - WDC $71 - CHIA! - Risk 1 
  • Life Sciences Biotech Smaller Cap High Risk Stocks Investing Binge
  • Biotech stock 1 - Cheap Low Risk Pharma - Risk 1
  • Biotech stock 2 - HIGH RISK GENE EDITING - Risk 9
  • Biotech stock 3 - Low Risk 2
  • Biotech stock 4 - X10 for Max Risk 10
  • High Risk Stocks Portfolio Buying Levels
  • Covid India Black Mold Epidemic
  • Bitcoin and Raven Coin Buying Levels

LEARN TO INVEST - When to Buy and Sell AI Tech Stocks Such as GOOGLE 

  • GOOGLE Numero Uno
  • Why I Don't Even think about Selling Stocks such as Google
  • Google Opportunities in Stock Price Volatility
  • What Happens When One Sells Stocks One Wants to Remain Invested in for the Long-run?
  • How long to Invest For?
  • Investing in Chinese Stocks
  • The Inflation Mega-trend
  • Why Buying the Dip Can be More Dangerous than Buying the High

How to Invest in HIGH RISK Tech Stocks for 2021 and Beyond 

  • How to Get FREE Access to My Patreon Content for the Next 5 Years!
  • Stocks Bear Market / Crash Indicator (CI18)
  • AI Stocks Lead the Bull Charge
  • King Zuckerberg Tech Companies to Set up their own Governments!
  • Best AI ETF ?
  • High Risk Tech Stocks Short List 
  • 4 More High Risk Tech Stocks
  • Who Wants to live Forever?

History's Worst Stock Market Crash and the Greatest Investing Lesson!  

It's that time of the year again when the stock market doom merchants are at their most vocal as they focus on the historic apex of the darkest day of the darkest month for stocks of the year, October 19th, the 31st anniversary of the 1987 Black Monday that saw the stock market crash by an unprecedented 22% in just one day that few saw coming but ever since many prophesise the repeat of each October, regardless of what the stock market has actually been doling each year as the perma bear crowd can always be seen literally jumping up and down like demented rabbits proclaiming that a crash is once more imminent, pointing to a myriad of harbingers of the imminent stock market apocalypse such as the Hindenburg Omen. Against which the historic record paints a picture of a coin toss having proved infinitely more accurate than the perma crash is coming calls awaiting their broken clock moment to proclaim success.

How to Get Rich Investing in Stocks by Riding the Electron Wave 

This was the first in my "How to Get Rich" series exclusive to PATRONS content that aims to literally change they way you think about investing in stocks. It's taken a good 3 weeks to complete so I urge all to take the time to go through the process in this article which took me some 6 years to go through from late 1987 to Early 1994 before the cookie finally crumbled and I understood the how to invest in stocks that has subsequently been tested in EVERY bear market and market collapse since, an understanding that has proven to be RESILIANT, so unless the worlds is about to end, or the West turns communist and starts seizing or heavily taxing capital, then the contents of this extensive article should shine the way towards profitable investing for decades to come. With the usual disclaimer that investing in the stock market is high risk. And that you are responsible for your investing decisions and any profits or losses that may occur.


The Real Secret for Successful Trading  

For the past 10 years I have wanted to write a book on the real secrets for successful trading but never found the time to get around to doing so. However, I have alluded to where the primary secret lies many times over the years. The most notable of which is suggesting those wanting to learn the real secret for successful trading should watch the early 1980's film Excalibur, for the seed for their own light bulb moment. 

Why 90% of Traders Lose  

The failure rate for financial markets and commodity traders has remained at a consistently high 90% for many decades, this despite all of the advances in information technology, flood of new learning materials that is churned out annually, therefore why is it that 90% of traders still end up losing? 

Learn to Trade - Dow SHORT Risk Vs Reward  

The usual sales pitches from would be trading services is one of how traders can expect to achieve huge win rates of as much as 90%. However the reality is that most traders will be lucky to even see 50% of their trades turn out to be winners, where even very experienced traders will find it tough to reach an average win rate of 70%. 

So if most traders are going to find it tough to even reach a 50% trades win rate, i.e. a coin flip performance then how does one grow ones trading account?

How to "Really" Get Rich (Wealthy) Coming Soon EXCLUSIVE to Patrons

A good 7 months of thought and effort has gone into this analysis - How to get rich! NOT the get rich quick schemes / scams everyone is constantly exposed to but really, truly how to ACTUALLY get rich, straight to the point strategies, rules and mechanisms of what it takes to get rich. For it is possible for anyone to get rich! Look humans are hard wired to get rich! All people need is a road map of how to do so, after all we all like playing games for points, and keep playing as we count up the points on the leader boards, trying to better our best scores each time we play as our skill improves with experience, and that is basically what getting rich amounts, to playing the game to the best of our ability towards maximising our scores where the points in this case are measured in pounds, dollars and euros!

  • Stock Market Trend Forecast September to December 2021
  • Silver Price Trend Forecast
  • UK House Prices Trend Analysis, including an update for the US and a quick look at Canada - 15% done
  • How to Get Rich! - 90% done.
  • Gold Price Analysis - 10% Done
  • US Dollar and British Pound analysis

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