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54th PACK
This is not a pack yet. It's a kind of a ticket to the pack. Pack 54th will be sent out to all who sees this post around 25.08


As I mentioned before, from now on, you can choose bodytypes you want to see in 'poses' and 'bases'. Each bodytype has it's own name and parameters written under character. 


If you need more kids, you choose bodytype 'Lippo" and type it in a comment under this post (not in my message box, though I can't keep all requests in order that way) Only under this post. You can choose 2 female bodytypes. I will make those which are chosen most often. If nobody will choose, I will do my own choice of them. 

 (Later on, I will have some males bodies to choose too. Now we will focus on girls to see if it works)