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MA#44 Grim Water Oasis
Long ago before the first snake crawled from the hole to slither across the virgin sands, there was the trickster.  The trickster, an immortal creature with a taste of mischief and misery is the catalyst of this adventure.  It sits in the background and watches the events unfold.  It presents an obvious situation, an innocent is offered as a sacrificed.  Of course the boy must be saved.  Of course.

Unknowingly the party may trade the life of one boy for an entire tribe and many creatures.  A savory feast for the trickster. 

I like developing adventures/situations where there is no way to win.  My players are all too familiar with them.  In addition, adding that unknown element to the situation.  A vital piece of information that is missing that deprives the party of making an informed decision.  I don't use this type adventure all the time, I do like to use them on a regular basis to keep the party off balance.  What might seem like a black and white situation may be more complex.

The trickster is an entity I don't use too often, but I like the idea of an enemy that is never what it seems.  Constantly changing appearance and presenting a situation in a skewed way to prod the party into a rash decision. 

I want to welcome all my new patrons this month.  I hope everyone enjoys the adventure.  I think I rewrote a half a dozen times.  Changed the map just as many times.  I hope the final version is something that you can use at your table or at least glean some inspiration from.