ColorEvolve: "Some Little Touch Of Light" (REBOOT), first stage

Previously on Joseph Creates The Galaxy, things didn't quite work out.

But yesterday, I finally got the replacement black ink and the liquid panels I'd been waiting on. This time, instead of a 6 x 6 panel, I decided to try using a 10 x 10. As before, the plan is to draw Saturn on top of the background I've created here, then fill in various layers with a mixture of alcohol ink and fantasy paint.

One of the problems I had the first two times was (I believe) that because the 6 x 6 panels are small and relief outlining is absolutely not a detailed-oriented process (it's like trying to draw with a bottle of glue), the outlines couldn't provide as strong a barrier as expected; everything just sort of ran into everything else, particularly when trying to create the river-rings. The outlining didn't contain the ink well, and my attempts to mask the damage ended up making things worse. But 10 x 10 is a significantly larger space, and SHOULD mean that I'll be able to better define my relief outline work and keep the ink from overflowing.

The other issue I had on the first two attempts was that by the time I tried to flesh out the planet, the panel was so saturated with dark colors that everything I added in terms of alcohol ink - bright orange, pink, yellow, whatever - just turned to purple, and the fantasy paint looked dull. I'm going to (hopefully) solve that this time around by applying a layer of resin to the background before moving on, which should seal the ink and permit me to work on top of it without any problems.

If THAT works, then I'll draw Saturn again (without the rings this time), fill that in, add stars (via gel pen), and THEN add the rings. Then, somehow (I haven't actually figured out how to do it yet), I'll convert those rings into rivers.

I'm going to use "real" resin for this next step, not the UV kind. UV works well for tiny projects and for patching...on larger pieces, it shrinks badly and doesn't look nearly as good. In my opinion, anyway.

There's the risk, of course, that if I mix the resin wrong and it doesn't cure, I'll ruin yet another panel...but my track record in that area has been slowly improving, and I've managed to do pretty well with my last several I'm gonna take the chance!


Materials used so far: 10 x 10 liquid art panel, alcohol ink


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