September Preview + Roadmap

Hi everyone, here's a preview of all the new stuff you'll be getting next month, plus a roadmap of what you can expect in the near future!

September New Releases

In August we're continuing with the release of the Duchies of Vinci and Mummified Undead, and we're starting to release new models for the Robot Legions. On top of that we're also going to start releasing FTL fleets again, alternating between old and new ones.

For 2D print we're going to be taking some time to re-organize ourselves, so we won't be releasing any new models in September. Instead we will provide you with 8 sets from our early releases. This will include FTL fleets again, which we will keep re-releasing over the next months in order to help raise awareness for the game.

3D Print Rewards (55 models + 132 bases + 27 game aids):

  • Duchies of Vinci - Harlequins x5
  • Duchies of Vinci - Heavy Automa Cavalry x3
  • Duchies of Vinci - Captain on Automa Boar x1
  • Duchies of Vinci - Spingarde x4
  • Duchies of Vinci - Themed Bases x44
  • Duchies of Vinci - Game Aids x9
  • Robot Legions - Eternals x10
  • Robot Legions - Heavy Annihilator x1
  • Robot Legions - Tanks x2
  • Robot Legions - Themed Bases x44
  • Robot Legions - Game Aids x9
  • Mummified Undead - Skeleton Warriors x13
  • Mummified Undead - Snakemen x3
  • Mummified Undead - Snake Riders x6
  • Mummified Undead - Skeleton Giant x3
  • Mummified Undead - Themed Bases x44
  • Mummified Undead - Game Aids x9
  • FTL - Empire Fleet x4

2D Print Rewards:

  • Battle Brothers Army (2 Colors)
  • Orc Marauders Army (2 Colors)
  • Alien Hives Army (2 Colors)
  • Humans Army (2 Colors)
  • Vampiric Undead Army (2 Colors)
  • Mummified Undead Army (2 Colors)
  • FTL Alliance Fleet (2 Colors)
  • OPR Mixed Terrain (4 Colors)
  • Fantasy Terrain (4 Colors + PSD)
  • Hive City Terrain (4 Colors + PSD)

Games Rewards:

  • 4 New Missions
  • Sellswords (beta)

The above is only the new stuff that's being added next month, so you're also getting a ton of other welcome pack minis, 50% discount code, games, and much more!

Project Roadmap

As discussed in our last roadmap post, we've been in contact with the original artists that created the Saurians in order to expand the army. Whilst they are available to work on the models again, they won't be able to make as many models per month as we thought. This means that the release of the new Saurians has been postponed to April 2022.

That being said, there is also a lot of good news! We already started working on some new models, and we have locked down the production of the Starhost as well, which should be released once the Saurians are done (around July 2022).

This two month delay has also given us the opportunity to re-visit some of our faction concepts, and we're going to be extending the releases of the Mummified Undead and the Beastmen by one month each, providing you with even more models than planned.

As always, we are going to be as transparent as possible and provide you updates if anything changes along the road. :)

Here's a breakdown by month:

  • October - Duchies of Vinci, Mummified Undead & Robot Legions
  • November - Mummified Undead & Robot Legions
  • December - Beastmen & Robot Legions

That's it for now, happy wargaming!

- Gaetano

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