DFL NFT Series How-To Guide

Dead Football League's first-ever NFT compilation, launched in August 2021, is a 204-item "ticket card" series that commemorates every single game in the short two-year history of the World Football League (1974-1975) in a unique and fun way. 

Every ticket card is one-of-a-kind. Sure, you can save all the image files off the website onto your phone if you want... but if you don't own the ticket card, you can't see the back of it! The owner of each ticket card's non-fungible token has exclusive access the ticket card's reverse side, which contains information about the game: stats, quotes, and fun facts. 

Each NFT was painstakingly researched by DFL co-commissioner Kyle Whelliston, and expertly designed by DFL co-commissioner Robb Harskamp. Yes, we are professionals.

How To Obtain and Collect DFL Ticket Cards

Where Is It: The collection is hosted by OpenSea, the world's leading marketplace for independent NFT creators.

Distribution Procedure: New ticket cards will be distributed to at the beginning of each month to Patreons at "The Alliance" level. The NFTs will be directly transfered into patrons' wallets via the OpenSea platform. Alternately, you can purchase individual ticket cards via Stripe and provide your wallet address upon checkout. 

A valid wallet ID contains 42 characters. For example, DFL's MetaMask wallet is 0xc04e0074c9ae2f210e1b8b9beea1d63d036dc4d6. That also happens to be the exact wallet that your ticket card transfers will originate from. You don't have to memorize it.

Basic Requirements: Monthly "The Alliance" level Patreon distributions and purchasers must have an active OpenSea account and an Ethereum-based MetaMask wallet. If you are unfamiliar with this process, OpenSea has an excellent, informative FAQ on how to get started with the basics of NFT collecting. MetaMask has an easy-to-follow video tutorial on how to open a cryptocurrency wallet.

Transfer Procedure: Ticket cards will be transfered to recipients via the "private auction" transfer method, with the price set at 0 ETH. 

Full Rights Of Ownership: Each NFT contains the unlocked reverse side of the ticket card, which is registered at OpenSea as a private link. After initial transfer from DFL to the ticket card's owner, each card may be bought, sold, auctioned or bundled on the OpenSea platform after transfer at any set ETH price that the market will bear.

Transfer Gas Charges: Patreon and Stripe distributions will not incur any Ethereum gas fees that OpenSea might charge for transfer. In the event that OpenSea charges gas fees for a transfer, they will be covered by DFL and not by the recipient.

Purchase Limitations: There is no limit on Stripe purchases, but preparation and minting of the ticket cards may take several days. Ticket cards are first come, first serve. Once all 204 are released, they can only be obtained or purchased from the individual NFT owners, and not from Dead Football League. 

DFLCoin Does Not Exist: Dead Football League will not sell ticket cards for ETH. There's no NBA TopShot-style closed source currency anywhere in this process. Ticket cards begin in the real world, with real money, and are subject to the whims and fluctations of the crypto sports art market once they're released into the wild. If you think that DFL ticket cards are an exciting investment opportunity, then get in there dawg. If not, that's cool too, whatever. 

Time-Sensitive Fine Print: Alliance-level Patreons without an OpenSea account and/or a MetaMask wallet will not receive ticket cards at the beginning of each month. If an Alliance-level Patreon obtains an account and wallet later on, they will receive only the current month's ticket card and no back-dated drops

Further Questions: If none of the above makes any sense to you, please sign up for a Patreon level not named "The Alliance" and/or stop being old. If you have a question about the process not answered here that would make it easier for everybody, please contact us via Patreon or Twitter and we'll add it here. 

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post