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#56 Half-Month Reward post 30.03.18
My excellent patrons will get:

1 reference set, 1 feet set, 6 illustrations,2 PSD-files, 2 GIF step-by-step files, 2 JPEG step-by-step files and 1 video timelapse.

Thank you all for your support! 

For  $3+, $5+, $10+ and $12+ patrons: Your rewards will  be delivered to you via private message in the beggining of next month (about 5~8th) after your pledge is proceeded. If your pledge marked as declined or fraud, I won't able to deliver your rewards to you.

Please note:

The previous rewards not available for downloading anymore. But if you miss the Reward post you will be able to get this rewards another way (I’ll definitely try to think about this opportunity in the future).