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(56) Shadow Over Wistwood

Worn by the first, and last, Magus Queen of Bahsait, the Crown of Belidbarazûl is a relic of the Second Age; a golden coronet with curling wings and a tapered spire. Before the Queen was executed by her own people, Belidbarazûl’s sorcery all but erased the city of Nephtkir, swallowing it beneath the Sunstone Ranges. When the Queen’s head finally fell, both it and her accursed headpiece vanished forever. Or so it was written.

Shadow Over Wistwood is a forest trek and dungeon crawl, with the PCs exploring a half flooded keep, searching for a magical crown... but is the treasure boon, bane, or both? Sometimes it's hard to tell. Map this month by the superb Miska's Maps. Links to patrons in a moment :D

Some art copyright Jonny Gray, used with permission.

Some art copyright Dean Spencer, used with permission.

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