The team is proud to announce OpenNox v1.8.9 build!

The v1.8.x release series focused on introducing high-resolution support, and also significantly improves stability.

Features in v1.8.x:

  • High-resolution support (up to 4K)! You'll need to run opennox-hd.exe for it.
  • A lot faster OpenGL-based rendering (partially offloaded to GPU).
  • Game will now write a separate config in OpenNox directory (v1.8.2+).
  • Automated end-to-end testing mode, see opennox-e2e for details.
  • New faster lobby server support.
  • Builtin remote console based on SSH for dedicated server.
  • Simple HTTP-based Server API for controlling game servers.
  • Allow disabling image smoothing in the video options.
  • Allow enabling image stretching in the video options.

Changelog for v1.8.9:

  • OpenNox will now use the new lobby server and fallback to XWIS if it fails.
  • Ping will now be shown in server list for servers that support it.
  • Server discovery was optimized and is now faster.
  • Implemented a tiny builtin SSH remote console. Telnet support removed.
  • Game load/save was optimized and works faster now.
  • Fix: Not being able to connect to non-OpenNox servers.
  • Fix: Spawned creatures being stuck when damaged.
  • Fix: Magic missiles targeting dead entities.
  • Fix: Energy bolt not working properly in traps.
  • Fix: UI no longer freezes when discovering game servers.
  • Fix: Player names not being shown in scores table.
  • Fix: Sorting in the character list.

Changelog for v1.8.8:

  • Notify if OpenNox update is available.
  • Server: add metrics for monitoring.
  • Fix: Jumping no longer prevents from taking damage from lava.
  • Fix: Do not announce Solo Quest games online.
  • Fix: Team colors (regression from v1.8.7).
  • Fix: Correctly set config dir for Snap.

Changelog for v1.8.7:

  • Support loading of TrueType and OpenType fonts.
  • Automatically fix Russian translation and font files.
  • A ton of internal changes and cleanup.
  • Fix: Creatures and NPCs with ranging attack trying to fight melee only.
  • Fix: Server API being stuck than there are no players on the server.
  • Fix: Crash when falling into a pit.
  • Fix: AI debug logging.

Changelog for v1.8.6:

  • Release OpenNox for Linux on Snapcraft.
  • Reading game files is now safer and more extendable.
  • Preparations for saving and replaying Nox matches.
  • Preparations for rendering TTF fonts in game engine.
  • E2E mode now allows recording player input directly (to reproduce bugs).
  • Safer and faster sprite rendering.
  • Initial work on rendering map previews.
  • A lot of internal refactorings and improvements.
  • Allow configuring manual spell cast timeout.
  • Allow binding any keys with bind command.
  • New cheat spawn command to spawn items and monsters.
  • Fix: Safer GUI code, preventing a major memory corruption.
  • Fix: Races in the audio playback.
  • Fix: Potential fix for native map downloads.
  • Fix: Crashes when playing on broken maps.

Changelog for v1.8.5:

  • Add more resolution options for both regular and HD version.
  • OpenNox will now read resolution from it's own config.
  • Fix: Instant victory if player commits suicide in Arena.
  • Fix: Properly propagate closed and private game flag to XWIS.
  • Fix: It was previously possible to join closed games.
  • Fix: Map filtering by game type now works as expected.
  • Fix: cheat health and cheat mana now work properly without arguments.

Changelog for v1.8.4:

  • Better performance for particle effects.
  • Allow using emotes in campaign.
  • New cheat god command that makes you invincible, but won't give any spells.
  • New cheat sage command that gives all spells and scrolls, but doesn't make you invincible.
  • New cheat spells and cheat scrolls commands that give all spells or best scrolls.
  • Fix: Set time limit for key bindings to prevent the same action from executing to fast.
  • Fix: Lightning spells were not hitting multiple targets as they should.
  • Fix: Controlled creatures disappearing on map switch.
  • Fix: Effects from Protection spells were played incorrectly.
  • Fix: Random "you cannot wear this" messages when switching equipment.
  • Fix: Allow really large amount of gold in cheat gold.
  • Fix: Announcing Solo games to online lobby.
  • Fix: Using relative paths in config.
  • Fix: Better protection from potential memory leaks.
  • Fix: Multiple crashes under different circumstances.

Changelog for v1.8.3:

  • Servers will now expose a simple control panel on port 18580.
  • Fix: Saving complex input configs.
  • Fix: Crashes on maps using Panic's new script compiler.
  • Fix: Skipped XWIS server registration in v1.8.2.

Changelog for v1.8.2:

  • Servers will now expose a simple control panel on port 18580.
  • Game will now write a separate config in OpenNox directory.
  • Nox Game directory can now be changed in opennox.yml file.
  • Fix: Fix player names being stuck in the dedicated server players list.
  • Fix: Fix mouse movement on low sensitivity settings.
  • Fix: Assigning keyboard keys instead of mouse for movement.

Changelog for v1.8.0 and v1.8.1:

  • Add cheat charm.all to charm any creature (including humanoids).
  • Fix: Bug with creatures being "deaf" (not reacting to footsteps, etc).
  • Fix: Banish of captured creatures (like vampire bats) leading to scripts being stuck.
  • Fix: Properly forward ports when server port is changed via a flag.
  • Fix: Nox Reloaded failing to join OpenNox Quest games.
  • Fix: LUA scripts when reloading the same map from the console.
  • Fix: Error when manually saving player in online games.
  • Fix: OpenNox changing user.rul file permissions.
  • Fix: Properly show the last character in long server names.
  • Fix: Disabling soft shadows via -soft flag.
  • Fix: Multiple crashes for both solo and multiplayer.

To install or update, make sure you have original Nox installed, then just run the OpenNox installer. Once it's done start opennox.exe (or opennox-hd.exe for high-res version), and enjoy!

If you have any feedback - send as a message here on Patreon or on the Nox Discord #tech channel.

To download: see attachment on the post.
Previous versions: Archive .

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