Sep 20, 2021



Look into the following categories & maybe write them down.

COLOR: Observe the colors used in the imagery of the card. What emotions do they portray to you? Joy? Anger? Calm? Use the colors as clues to the deeper meanings of the card. 

PEOPLE OR FIGURES: What are they doing? What actions are they engaging in? What does their body language look like? Tense? Confident? Relaxed? 

NUMBERS: What number is the card? Does this number have any personal meaning to you? If you HAD to guess what that number represented ... what would be your best guess? (that's my #1 intuitive trick ... "If you had to guess, what would be the answer?")

🍂 BACKGROUND: Where does the scene of the card take place? Indoors or outdoors? What does the landscape look like? Smooth and flat? Jagged and harsh? Is there a city ? Are there other people? Does it look warm or cool? What is everyone wearing? 

PLACE YOURSELF INSIDE THE SCENE: Take a moment to close your eyes and meditate. Picture yourself INSIDE the scene of the card. See yourself as its main character , or viewing the main character or attribute. What are you seeing inside the scene? What are you feeling?

🍂TRUST YOURSELF:  Tarot is an interpretive art, not a science.  Especially if you're doing a reading for yourself,  your interpretation is the only thing that matters. 

I'm using this month (Sep 2021) to do a ONE card study each day. I feel (too often) we look at cards in a larger spread and we over simplify their meanings. The Tarot has so much symbolic imagery hidden inside EACH card. We've been doing this deep dive together in The Occultist Lab discord (the group chat) on Patreon. You hear some of our discussion's findings in this reel on instagram! This has been a great way for beginners and experts alike to discuss different interpretations and meanings in a fun and safe space. THERE IS NO WRONG OR RIGHT INTERPRETATION!


A Witch , Tarot Reader & Astrologer on Intuition : In this episode I talk to THREE different people on their specific take on Intuition. How does it work? How does it present itself? How do we form a relationship with it?  I speak with Joanna Devoe (a self-proclaimed witch) with Brittany Gash (a tarot reader and intuitive marketer) and with Cristina Farella (an astrologer) .  (If you prefer to watch the video instead, become a patron and catch it here )

A Card Reading for Incremental Sovereignty :  In this episode I do something I've never done before! An audio card reading! Click the link above to see a photo of the cards. I use a combination of tarot, oracle and other cards and decks for some lighthearted and fun divination / cartomancy! We talk about self care, boundaries, sovereignty, change, habits and daily life. Grab some tea or coffee and get cozy. (If you prefer to watch the video instead, become a patron and catch it here )

Tarot, Spirit & Ancestors w/ Brittany Gash from BG Intuitive : In this episode I talk with Tarot Reader and Intuitive Marketer Brittany Gash ! Brittany tells us all about using  the Tarot as a tool to communicate with spirit, Tarot tips & prep,  working with Ancestors and feeling grounded and connected in general. This episode was extra fun for me, because Brittany is a personal friend. You might be able to tell I'm having a blast with this one. (If you prefer to watch the video instead, become a patron and catch it here )

Blog Post: A "Next Level" Tarot Spread  : This spread was created by me (Luchiana) for our group chat with the intention of shedding some light on what archetypes we're playing out in the current moment ... and what is keeping us from flying higher?

PRE-DIVINATION CALIBRATION TRACK  (you can preview the track here)  : Summary: Do you ever wish there was something you could listen to before a Tarot Reading, Tea Leaf Reading or Scrying? Or Divinatory work of any kind? Well here it is! In this track we focus on getting you to align with "The Universe" (or whatever you believe in) and trusting that the answers that come through are meant to come through. Confidence and Alignment all wrapped into one!

AWAKEN YOUR INTUITION TRACK ( you can preview the track here ) :  Summary:  The purpose of this track is to help you re-activate your inner knowing and intuition. It's always been there! It just clouds sometimes. In this short charm we use a simple visualization of opening our mind's eye (it may have been closed for a while - so give it some time to wake up!). This track is set to a darker more magical feeling track , so you can get creative with your visualization.



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