Long Term Maintenance

Sep 19, 2021

Tomorrow will be the last day you can update your profile for the 4 weeks. Queue processing will be stopped so we can switch everything over to the v5 API that Riot has implemented. Lookups will not be affected.

After we make the switch, you will need to update your rewind.lol profile at least once every 1000 games, otherwise there will be gaps in your data. This is because Riot has decided that they will only remember the 1000 most recent games you've played.

We have been collecting and storing all matches that people have added to their profiles (and not deleting them) since 2021-05-22. Before 2022-01-01 (next year) we are going to start removing matches from our database that are older than 2 years. If you are a Patron, your matches will be stored indefinitely so long as your most recent subscription has been active in the past 180 days. As we approach the date where we start expiring matches from our database, a new system will be implemented to allow you to add summoner names, or I will ask all Patrons to message me their list of accounts.

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