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I returned to myself.
I returned bearing prayers,
and power,

Welcome to #30DaysofGoddess for October! Whether you have been with us since January 1, or whether you are just beginning today, there is a place for you. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

#30DaysofGoddess is a unique, multi-layered experience, the heart of which is creating daily practices that nurture, support, nourish, and sustain you on a goddess-centered path. Something I continue to emphasize is that there is no behind and there is no right way. Daily practice is infinitely flexible as well as infinitely personal, variable, and powerful. My purpose is to gather together all the tools, resources, and offerings that I can to help encourage you on your path. #30DaysofGoddess is intended to be readily able to fold into your existing practices, spirituality, as well as being compatible with the other teachers/resources that you enjoy.

Above is a new video with a practice update for October as well as basic information and explanations. 

Additional Resources:

  • Free #7DaysofGoddess daily devotional class (this is perpetual/evergreen class that will drip out daily over the course of 7 days, whenever you sign up, to get you going).
  • Companion devotional decks 
  • Spiral bound October prayerbooks 
  • Flip-through video of simple logbook
  • "From this to that" prayerbook video with ideas for creating and exploring
  • Flip-through video of August’s finished prayerbook
  • Original practice resource post with original files, inspiration audio and how to sew a book videos. 

In addition to your choice of printable prayerbook or logbook format, at the bottom of this post you will find sampling of pdfs that will get you started with a #30DaysofGoddess practice from this very moment, no need to go backwards through older posts or try to catch up. Members of the Patreon community receive additional materials such as new prayercards, affirmation cards, and the October printable book files. Printable expansion packs from various months are also available in the etsy shop

Honoring your promises
to your own self
is how trust grows
and how wholeness
knits its way
around you.

Happy October! I'm so glad you're here!

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