Welcome to Antronec — New Setting and Subclass!

Hey heroes! This is a wrap for the 12th subclass of this Saddleyear. The new two months will be spent working on some smaller settings coupled with new races that I'm pretty excited about! We'll be starting up again with subclasses starting in November, using a new block voting method so we have some opportunities to work ahead a bit. These take a lot of hard work and time, so I hope you continue to enjoy them!

Anyway, I'd like to be the first to welcome you to Antronec, the city at the crossroads of competitive factions and prices. This is by far the largest setting to date, and you'll see why when you open it. Enjoy!

The City of Artisans is aptly named, for Antronec accurately boasts some of the finest crafters and tradesmen of all kinds. It is a city wholly dedicated to open trade, the acquisition of wealth, and the crafting of exceptional goods. The numerous artisans keep order amongst themselves with guilds: powerful factions that vie for influence over the city and its extensive trade opportunities. At the heart of this tangled economic web, The Mercantile Guild acts as administrators and ambassadors that keep the peace between the various guilds, manage the local government, and curry favor with the common folk with honeyed words and clever schemes. 
Within the city, virtually any material good can be found for a price from the right merchant or crafter. The city’s size and population make it an ideal locale for complicated plots and intrigue in your campaign, as well as a potential origin for one or more of its characters. At any given moment, each guild is likely to be planning, implementing, or benefiting from a conspiratorial political or economic maneuver against their fellows. Each guild and their powerful members have their own motives and goals, and in Antronec, even the most kind-hearted and charitable facade can belie machinations of thievery, assassination, and other stratagems. Adventurers, in particular, have many options, such as partnering with Antronec’s powerful guilds, joining the city’s organized adventuring agencies, or attempting to forge their own path to success.

What's Included:

  • 26 pages of a bustling, hyper-metropolitan city with constant clashes between its renowned artisan guilds.  
  • Navigate intra-guild turmoil and utilize the amply available adventuring guilds at your disposal!
  • Quest and adventure hooks!
  • Bonus maps donated by Cze & Peku!
  • 9 new and exciting monsters for atypical and refreshed city encounters!
  • New Bard subclass: the College of Mercantile! Put your money where your mouth is by using a simple coin as your spellcasting focus! Hurtle coins at enemies, gamble with your Bardic Inspiration dice, and use your silver tongue and keen wit to befuddle the competition and make the most of your hard-earned gold.


I was responsible for direction, design, and additional editing for this setting. However, this couldn't be possible without extra help. If you like this setting, consider supporting these other incredible 5e content creators:

Ty Christensen — Writing, editing

TheArenaGuy — Monster creation, editing

Cze & Peku — Maps

Fabian Saravia — Subclass illustration

Benjamin Sommeregger — Cover art

Jelke Ludolphij — Additional layout

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