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  • Two in depth, Patreon exclusive tutorials every month, one in watercolour and, one in coloured pencil. Most are between 3 - 6 hours long. I will talk you through my techniques, how I match colour, my mistakes and how I rectify them. Along the way you will pick up all the tips and tricks I use to create my artwork.

  • My reference photographs, so you can easily download and follow along.

  • Line drawing of the project to trace and transfer, just to make life easier.

  • Full list of all materials used in each project.

  • Private Facebook group for Patrons

New Patreons: Please note that Patreon will charge you upfront when you sign up and then again on the first of every month thereafter. If you are thinking about joining at the end of a month, it may be worth waiting until the beginning of the next month to avoid be charged two payments close together.

  • In Depth Tutorials with No Adverts
  • Reference Photo Downloads
  • Line Work Downloads
  • Private community
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