OPEN POST - October release

Hello patrons!

In October, you will receive a brand new collection of models - ranging from the cyberpsycho Β Morgan with his inexhaustible baseball bat 'Crusher', to the unbreakable leader of the The Tribe - Takoda aka Buffalo Jack, to the 'Polaris' combat drone.Β 

Stay with us to receive monthly bundles of awesome cyberpunk miniatures!

Join, download and play. October set includes:

  • Takoda aka Buffalo Jack
  • Takoda aka Buffalo Jack rides a motorcycle
  • Elena Ivanova
  • Cute
  • Hacher
  • Morgan
  • John Bishop
  • Sylvia 'Dummy' Alvarez
  • Sentry gun D-Tec A1
  • Sentry gun D-Tec A2
  • Combat Drone Polaris
  • plus a high-quality 'Hangar' map in various formats, Welcome Pack and Endless Terrains set.

UNIT9 is amazing characters and almost endless possibilities.

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The Welcome Pack is our way to say hello!

By joining our Patreon you will get access to the Welcome Package! Here's what it includes - from corporate representatives to mercenaries to gang members. Plus a set of climate bases! All models are of course available in a pre-supported format and without supports.

The welcome pack includes the following models:

  • Strike Team "Omega"
  • Anti-riot armor
  • AI avatar
  • Agent's black side
  • The Can
  • 14 multi-format cyberpunk databases

All models available in our Patreon are prepared in two formats - with and without supports. If you don't want to waste your time, just use the pre-support version of the models, load them into the printer and print them. If you like to make models yourself, no problem. This version is also available. Each catalog includes an overview drawing to help determine which model is which.

Additionally, this month we are starting a new series - Endless Terrains - which is a constantly growing collection of all kinds of terrains for battle and board games. Here you will find all kinds of chests, barrels, terminals, barriers and many other elements that will make your games look amazing.

All previous editions are also available in the MyMiniFactory store. You, as a Patron, receive a 50% discount code on all our previous releases to get all the collections and also in thanks for supporting us!

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Do you want to expand your collection? Use your discount code and get all STLs from previous months!

By becoming our patron, you will receive for:

Looking to expand your collection? Use your discount code and get all STL miniatures from the previous months!

After becoming our patron, you will get for:

  • 3 consecutive months you gain access to the PROTECTOR Rewards, you earn the right to a free model we make for you!
  • 6 consecutive months you gain access to another awesome SPINNER Tank Rewards
  • 9 consecutive months you gain access to GOLIATH Rewards
  • 12 and 15 consecutive months under development

Have we mention that each our model is:

  • unique and unrepeatable
  • come with supports and without supports
  • 100% cyberpunk
  • has its own profiles for use in the Human Interface game
  • has an own history
  • high quality art, concepts and wallpapers will be available for selected models
  • reduce the costs of getting new miniatures on your wargaming tables or RPG sessions

Don't be shy and join our tribe.

You need more information? Do you want to join amazing community.

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Are you curious how our models look like after print? Take a look at those astonishing photos. Join the game!

Happy printing


By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 37 exclusive posts