57 - Soapbox, Briefly
In the 1990s I was really hooked on Julian Cope's version of "5 O'Clock World". The snare drums on every beat, the upbeat feel and yet the strong social content. I also was really getting into experimenting with the chord B minor 11th as played on the guitar, and finding new ways to express that chord.

I was strumming my guitar in the kitchen when I came up with the progression of A, B minor 11th, G, D. We had a friend staying with us and I started playing around with this as if accompanied by that drum beat from 5 O'Clock World and the rest of the song came together pretty quickly. I can remember clearly having that guitar slung around my neck and just hanging while I wrote lyrics on a pad of paper on my kitchen counter.

When I started working on the album "Fiction" at Polk Street Studios in San Francisco I programmed a drum part and borrowed the recording engineer's amplifier and we knocked most of it out in a single day, but I had no lyrics for the break section.

A few days later I was riding on a Muni bus in San Francisco when I saw, written in sharpie on a bus seat "You can tell by the grunge on my shirt that I love Kurt!" I stole that line verbatim and added the bit about cell phones to make it sound like it came from a poser.

A sang this one with a lot of anger, falling a bit back on that growl-tiger voice I had used so much on my first album. The guitars are straightforward, and the bass really punches through with the percussion. The solo was originally going to be guitar, but I liked the idea of having that B3 Organ growl and once you have that the whole solo just has to follow.

And oh yes, this is the song with the word "fuck" in a lyric. The song is a call to action, so what the fuck ARE you going to do about it?

More music coming as we work our way to new music!

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