Lutris 0.5.9 released!

We're very pleased to announce the release of Lutris 0.5.9! This release brings some new features to take Linux as a gaming platform to the next level... 

  • AMD FSR can be enabled for all Wine games using DXVK or VKD3D. This allows the game to internally render at a lower resolution while being upscaled to your monitor's native resolution. To use FSR, make sure you are using the FShack variant of lutris-wine, enable the option in the game's preferences in Lutris then set the game at a lower resolution (for example 1080p on a 1440p display).
  • Some preliminary work to enable DLSS has been done, but without a RTX card to test, we can't confirm this feature is fully working at the moment. Working support may come in a future point release.
  • Support for Epic Games Store is available. Unlike the Heroic Launcher, this integration uses Epic's client. Please note that EGS does not support launching game installations from the command line so Lutris will prompt you to install the game to complete an installation. 
  • Steam for Windows is now available as a game source like the native Steam client. This is meant to replace the "winesteam" runner and is only useful for games using the CEG DRM (Duke Nukem Forever, The Darkness 2, Aliens Colonial Marines, etc.). If you are still using the winesteam runner, make sure to migrate your games to  Proton as we will remove this runner in a future version.
  • Lutris now detects if a GOG game uses Dosbox or ScummVM and uses the appropriate runner. This only works if the game has no installation script on the website. 
  • Steam integration has improved. Lutris now detects installed games and Lutris games can be launched from Steam.
  • Support for gamescope, the Wayland compositor used in the Steam Deck can be enabled in the system options.

Thanks to the progress made with Wine and DXVK in the past years, some features are no longer necessary. In this release, we have removed options related to WineD3D registry keys, X360CE and Gallium9 integration. The removal of those options doesn't prevent the use of any of those components but they might require some manual work to setup. 

In the next few months, we'll be focusing on making Lutris ready for the Steam deck. We plan releasing a controller friendly UI made with the Godot game engine which will not only be a great fit for the Deck but also for your home made game console!

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