(Copied from dA)

"These are characters for a Patreon exclusive comic I have had in mind! 

It actually came from a dream. See, I sometimes have full story/movie dreams of characters that are totally created. Some people consider it lucky, I myself find it a curse! So many stories golly!

And in this little story that played out in my head, apparently the Devil got into it with Death and things just kinda literally went to hell. The Dead vs the Damned kinda thing. Like the Devil screwed over Death by tricking and taking too many souls into his hell and Death (being a cranky crabby butt) decided to go into war with him.

So there is like a buncha lost souls in that "world" full of hellish sights and so forth. The girl is one of the lost souls that are trapped. But she doesn't put up with anyone's crap and is kind of a B.

It is kind of like a really crappy Twilight story except mine is better than Twilight and she uses a squirt bottle of holy water to keep natural order. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I thought it was a stupid story but a few friends said they really like it and its "unique".

This IS a patreon exclusive comic idea, but it will be for all perks, so even $1 can read it! It will sorta be updated once a month or even two pages if I have time!"

-----------------------------------Will this become legit? Who knows? If I ever have time I'd like to work on it! I don't know if you guys would think it cool but we will see in the future!