My Workflow

Oct 12, 2021

[Updated: Mar 4, 2022]

For those who are interested, this is my workflow for line distribution videos.

I have two computers now, one is a hackintosh (computer running Apple's macOS) I built in May last year, it has some second hand parts, so it’s cheaper, I do all the editing on it. The second one is a Windows PC, which I built this January, it's more powerful, it has a AMD 5900x CPU and a Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics card, but because I'm used to working on macOS and also I don't play PC games, so I only use this computer for rendering, it's way faster than my hackintosh.

I can afford these two computers only because all the support from you guys, it was a nightmare before this, my videos are all 4K60fps, a regular video on Youtube is like 1080p24fps, technically, a 4K60fps video has 8 times more pixels to process than a 1080p30fps video, not only the rendering was way slower, every step of my workflow was slower.

I’m still planning to buy a new Apple Mac Mini or Macbook to replace my hackintosh, since it's likely impossible to build a hackintosh in the future because Apple is using their own CPU/GPU now, the softwares I’m using now might be outdated very soon.

Thank you, and I wish you all the best!

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