IOE Process Post #6 - Coloring!
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When we last left Page 29 of Isle of Elsi, I had just finished inking it.  In the video attached to this post, you can watch me clean up this page in photoshop, and then color it digitally.  Using time lapse, it condenses two hours of coloring into two minutes!

Because I zoom in and out a bunch during this step of the process, the video is a little jerky.  One tip is to keep an eye on the page preview at the top right corner of the screen, where you can see the page slowly fill in with color.  This will also show a red rectangle, which is the area that I am currently viewing while I color.

Of course, if you would like to see this process in real time, there is also currently a nice little backlog of my monthly, hour-long coloring livestreams that are available for your viewing pleasure.  During these, I usually talk about what I am doing to walk people through the process.  Here is a list of the currently available livestreams:

This concludes the process of creating this page!  Scripting took about an hour, layout only took about half an hour, pencils took 6 hours, inks took 4 hours and coloring took 2 hours, for a total of 13.5 hours!  This was a very complicated page, with a big establishing shot.  Luckily, most Isle of Elsi pages go much quicker than this!

P.S. As discussed in Saturday's post, I have "unlocked" this behind-the-scenes post so that people can see the kind of content that is being posted in this backer blog!  I'll be doing this once a week until the DRAGON appears on page 28!