Resident Evil 7 Will Feature At E3 2016 [Rumour]
I've moved away from posting rumours for a while, but this one has recently been getting more and more traction, so I thought it might be worth dissecting a bit. I've had a couple of people, who I tend to share E3 rumours and leaks with privately around E3 time, approach me about this same thing - Resident Evil 7. 

Last year, I was able to divulge a few things around E3 - the nature and title of the 2015 Skylanders game, Fallout 4's special edition, and some other stuff like Uncharted Remastered (even though that was the most obvious thing in the world) and that whole Zombi multiplatform deal. I'm sure there was probably more, but I can't remember. 

Edit: Oh, I guess I also heard about that new Nier game:

Anyway, I'm back to say that I've heard from a couple of sources now that RE7 is happening and will debut at E3. I've heard from one source in the media and another linked with Capcom directly. Both were very adamant that it's happening, but as I'm always very cautious to say, this is a rumour and should be treated as such for now. 

I'm doing my best to determine whether or not the rumours are true. For now, Resident Evil 7 is looking more and more likely. Some are saying that the press will get a really good look at it, although I'm not yet sure if this will be a private presentation or not. 

Update [10/06/2016]: I have received some additional information regarding its aforementioned showing to the media. One source claims there will be an invite-only presentation behind closed doors for press. 

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