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Chapter Six: Afghanistan "Without Peace in the World, We Have Nothing"
One of my good friends and interview subjects, Javid Hamdard, is leaving his position as COO of NETLINKS this week. As described in the Afghanistan chapter and in today's post on the Afterparty blog, he and his colleague Farshid Ghyasi provided me with extraordinary hospitalty and kindness during my trip to Kabul. In the blog post, I share a video of the two executives performing Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," a unique multicultural experience during my early days in Afghanistan. You can read all about it--and watch the short video--here:

As a tribute to Javid and my friends at NETLINKS, I am attaching the Afghanstan chapter free for the next week as a PDF download.  To all of my friends in Kabul who made the chapter, and my safety, possible, thank you.

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