Karaoke Explained. Additional notes

Seems like karaoke doesn't spark joy for researchers. Well, I get them, it's way more fun to sing it than dissect it. But here are a few bits you might find interesting.

  • Japanology Plus S1E14 Karaoke
  • BEGIN Japanology S4E39 Karaoke

You already know I love this show. And they love karaoke.

  • Mitsui Toru "Karaoke Around The World: Global Technology, Local Singing"

A book with an actual research on karaoke. Some articles are more interesting to read than others, but that's the only serious work I managed to get my hands on so I can't really complain.

  • Raftery Brian "Don't Stop Believin: How Karaoke Conquered the World and Changed My Life"

A conversational style book uncovering the relationship of one American guy with karaoke.

A very unorthodox anime about a cute red panda office lady unleashing the stress singing... screaming? in karaoke after work.

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