Some colouring progress~ How's everyone's week been?
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Pledge $0.01 or more per creation
Patrons Only
$1 or more per creation 0 patrons
My eternal thanks!

+ Your name in the ending credits of my "Sirona" Visual Novel

+ Production updates on Sirona

+ Early access to finished images and videos

$5 or more per creation 3 patrons
Previous Tiers

 + Exclusive views of WIP sketches

 + Full Resolution image downloads  every month

 + Access to vote in monthly polls

$10 or more per creation 1 of 15 patrons
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 +  You get to be an Alpha Tester for Sirona! Help me fix bugs and make the game even better!

 + Access to Miscellaneous sketches

$15 or more per creation 0 of 10 patrons
 Previous Tiers

 +  You get to download and play the game before anyone else! Access to the final finished game before public release, lucky you!  🎁

$25 or more per creation 0 of 5 patrons
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 +  You get a physical poster for the game sent to you on release!

$50 or more per creation 0 of 3 patrons
 Thank you so much!!

for a very generous $50pm you get;

Aaallll previous tiers

 + Full download of Sirona soundtrack on release

Yowza! 💜

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