Welcome Sweet Sisters!

I am honored that you are here and invite you into the temple to begin creating a life + biz you never need a vacation from.

Sometimes we forget that our goals are tied to achieving the feelings we want to have.  You want a big house, new car, boat, kids, cat, dog, vacation-all of your wants are tied directly to the outcome being how they make you feel.

So, I invite you to learn ways for you to have the epic feelings you want.  We will talk about spirituality as it relates to building a personal relationship with the higher power of your understanding.  We will talk about business, tips tools and resources to help you be more productive so you can have the freedom you want, and we will talk about your desires and how they drive your decisions making process.

I invite you to become a Patron so you can take advantage of the deep diving workbooks and audios that I develop.  The new moon rituals that encourage reflection and action.  Private & group coaching calls that move you into desires.

If you have questions, comments or feedback, please feel to connect with me at [email protected]

It is my hope that this podcast will be an abundant tool for you to use, to create a life + biz you never need a vacation from.

In Loving Sisterhood,

Aja Vancica

Priestess of the Way, SAGE TEMPLE