Tales of the First: Indigo - Index
Sienna Miller is an ordinary girl in a world where superheroes are a thing you read about in comic books until the day a meteor explodes above her home town of Castleham and a strange mist engulfs the town. As she and her friends try to escape the disaster Sienna finds herself possessed of strange powers. She's not the only one and someone is hunting them down and killing them. Sienna just wants to lay low and figure out what's happened to her but her best friend has other ideas.

Tales of the First: Indigo is a superhero origin story about the first superheroes in the world. I will be posting 250-300 words every day.

This post is an index page because Patreon  doesn't do indexing yet very well that I can find. I will update it each day with a link to latest page posted so you might want to bookmark it.

Chapter One

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