Mental Illness Research with Gabrielle Sheehan Chair of ONE IN FIVE

The Mental Illness/Health sector is broken! Mental health practitioners are over extended, wait lists for treatment are horrendous and the rate of suicide is increasing exponentially. 

Of all the money invested in the Mental Health sector only a tiny amount is being turned toward research. How can we fix a problem we don't understand?

We are trying to fix a car with a blown engine by repainting the chassis. The core of the problem still exists, and worse, we don't really understand the how and why the car won't work.

One in Five is endeavoring to redress this imbalance. Understanding the science of Mental Illness is crucial is we are to stop reacting to Mental Illness.

Gabrielle Sheehan takes some of her valuable time to chat to us about the work and history of One in Five. Her wisdom and heart-felt compassion for people living with Mental Illness is an inspiration.

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