Dark Souls: Remastester Release

[ New discord link, old one is dead: https://discord.gg/UDPVZhjJgS ]

This is the release post for the v2.0.2 Dark Souls: Remastest Mod. Yes, the one with the guns and sus.

Updated to v2.0.2 on 11/25/21. Please use the torrents if you can since this mod is very big. Patch notes here - [ Long Google Doc Link ] 

Download for Prepare To Die Edition - For people who own the original game

Torrent - https://www.patreon.com/file?h=58341679&i=9439232 

Mirror 1 - [ Google Drive ] 

Download for Remastered Downgrade Edition - For people who own the Remaster

Torrent - https://www.patreon.com/file?h=58341679&i=9439229 

Mirror 1 - [ Google Drive ] 


Download for Patch v2.0.2 - Only use this if you have the mod and are updating to v2.0.2

Mirror 1 - https://www.patreon.com/file?h=58341679&i=9439241 

Notes -

Both versions are cross compatible and functionally identical. The PTDE one takes a lot less time to install though so use that one if you happen to have both games.

Some antivirus programs will report a false positive for DSCM. This program gets player data from a remote server and hooks the Dark Souls executable to directly connect players to you. As a result it looks kind of sketchy to antivirus. DSCM is open source so you can verify it's safe here if you would like : https://github.com/metal-crow/DaS-PC-MPChan

Here's our discord. If you want to do multiplayer #remastest-chat is the place to ask. There is also a pinned message in the channel that will add you to a role so you can be pinged when people are playing. https://discord.gg/kmEmJps2uw 

The community for the mod has created a fairly accurate and thorough change list for the mod. You can check that out here : [ Really long link ]

If you want use a save editor to make a PvP character then use this : https://github.com/Nordgaren/DS-Gadget-for-Remastest/releases

Troubleshooting -

There is a pretty comprehensive guide to fixing any issues with the game/mod in the included readme.txt. If you can't seem to get it working feel free to ask in our discord though in #remastest-chat : https://discord.com/invite/powerpoint-of-rats

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