Development Update: Progress, Goals, The Future, and Annual Subs.

Hey Patrons! 

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these since I tend to throw my thoughts into patch notes, but I thought this was a bit overdue.

First of all, a small(...? maybe not apparently) breakdown of what’s been added since the last development update!

  • Totally reworked model, with much better expressiveness, better lighting, and a lot less edges.
  • Visual Customization (...All of it apparently? Tattoo System, Skin Colors, All Accessories, etc)
  • Post-Session Rework (Duties, Habits, Commandments)
  • Taskmaster Mode & Assignment System
  • Reworked: Edging System
  • Reworked: Rhythm System, Rhythm Sessions
  • Favor System, Requesting Outfits, Daily suggested favor/time options.
  • Roleplay Session System
  • New Music System
  • Until Dry Time Limit
  • Difficulty Sliders
  • Fake Endings
  • Session Stakes
  • Events like Valentine’s Day, April Fools
  • Task Dislike Learning
  • Focuses & Themes, Themed Sessions
  • Post-Oops behavior customization!
  • Vagina Support! (yeah I’ll never get tired of this patch note, heh)
  • Dynamic Text System, Sub/Dom Naming, Pronouns, etc.
  • New updated mood systems (Furious, Mischievous, Thirsty, etc)
  • Findom Rework that makes it easily accessible to anyone with interest in it for no cost!
  • Scary Vampire Yandere Headpats!
  • Session Scheduling (Appointments)
  • Toggle Locking
  • Far too many toggles & tasks to list, even if I’d like to.

Pretty happy with that list, personally. Hope you are too.

So here’s the thing. I used to think I’d finish this game relatively fast, keep it low scope. 

In a way, that hasn’t changed, but it has. While there are no plans for huge scope increases (because I like my fast iteration rate and production time), I’ve been given so much feedback, have had so many ideas, and have so many little neat things I want to work on and try. 

This genre is almost all unexplored, untrodden ground and it’s fascinating to work on. (Even if sometimes exhausting. You’re not getting a futa bulge. Go away. It’s a nightmare. I've looked into it.)

I have no plans to stop working on neat stuff and keep adding to the game. At some point within the next few months, I might start working towards what will feel like a ‘’1.0’’, just so I can spread the game out further than it currently goes. That’s certainly not the end of the road, because this game doesn’t really have much competition that tries to do unusual stuff, and I think I have a responsibility to explore the unexplored and try all kinds of stuff. And also, to iterate upon what already exists based on all the feedback you've given me, and what I've learned by working on this since May 2020.

On the other hand, we’re also certainly hitting feature creep levels here and there. At some point I’ll have to pay off that technical debt (Which is starting to be felt, I am aware. Mobile performance, loading times, etc.), so maybe I can’t promise every single month will have a new crazy feature? But I’ll try to keep it interesting or at minimum expand on what we’ve got.

TLDR; Your succubus ain’t done improving yet, won’t be done for a while, and if there’s a glaring issue you can probably assume I’ll be working on it or have considered it and am trying to process it.

I’ve now enabled Annual subs and set them to have the maximum possible discount allowed on Patreon. I used to not be so comfortable with the idea of that level of commitment, but some of you have been around and supporting me for so long now. If you like my plans, think you’ll be sticking around for them? Please take advantage of that discount!

Lastly, I want to talk about interaction.

Some of you may have noticed that I reply to comments and stuff a bit less than I used to.

I just want to re-confirm that I do read literally every single thing and think about it. (unless it’s about a futa bulge, in which case I totally ignore it, go away, nightmarish)

If I don’t reply, it’s a matter of time or energy I’m conserving for actual work. I still try to interact as much as I can on the discord, especially, but it turns out the community has grown... Rather quickly. 

Crazy year, and I don’t have the words to thank you enough for the support, so I’ll just leave it at: You can expect more, not just out of work-obligation, but because this is fun!

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