Notes on todays Testing
Today two bosses are tested on mythic difficulty.

Where to get latest alpha/beta version of DBM:

Grab latest alpha off curse:

Or, grab latest alpha off from alpha/downloads sectoin :

Chronomatic Anomaly:

Mods for this boss should be pretty good. Timers may of course differ since Mythic ~= Heroic. I put extra care into ensuring Time Bomb was easy to manage on this fight with an info frame to really help track who has it and how much time remains. Time Bomb management seems to be one of the big things for mythic.

Second boss Trilliax:

This boss should have mostly good warnings but I suspect timers may be a mess do to the whole clone thing. More data will be needed to find best way to show timers for main boss and what timers need to show for clone and best way to filter between the two. I suspect mod will work great outside of timers though.

EDIT: Emergency fixed spammy annihilation warnings. Disabled for now until more time can be spent redoing it. What worked on heroic clearly doesn't work now :) Download new alpha or alternatively just disable Annihilation warnings/sounds for now.


  • Any lua errors or obvious bugs outside of timers.
  • Anything that's too spammy. Likely Trilliax may have a bit of it with two bosses up together.
  • Any missing features that should be added that'll help either boss.

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