The Battery Recycling Update!
Well its adding Batteries and it adds a new and exciting way to do Recycling on a Server, therefore Battery Recycling!

First lets talk about Recycling, I know some of you people are always VERY worried that what ever they throw away, like in an Item Deleter or something, does just vanish, or that their Team Mates force them to have some sort of Trash Bin in their Base, yeah I hate those people who delete Items aswell, I know that feeling.

That is why I invented the Ender Garbage Bin! Instead of deleting Items it just transfers them into the Garbage Dimension! Yes you heard right, a Dimension just for Garbage that is not accessible by Players at all! Now you can feel comfortable knowing that your Stuff isn't deleted, but still stays somehow inside the Universe*!

And since I know that this feeling of satisfaction is not enough, I have added a Device for Server Admins, who want to create a Serverwide Garbage Dump, where they can recycle all the Garbage, that the Server produces, properly and without any waste. Perfect for Community Areas of your Server, where there is shared Resources. The Ender Garbage Dump can only be created using cheating, such as Creative Mode, /give or NEI, this is to prevent regular Players from tapping from the Serverwide Garbage supplies.

* = The Garbage Dimension is limited to 2147463648 Items per Item Type, so it should be emptied "occassionally"

But now to the Batteries, I basically re-added the 3 known Battery Types from GT5 and added some earlygame Batteries made with Redstone, Nikolite, Teslatite or Electrotine that can store your electric Energy.

Also I did ofcourse add the Battery Boxes back, so you can actually use the Batteries, the output Amperage equals the amount of Batteries contained and it is available in the 4 Slots and the 16 Slots Size.

There are now Energy Display Covers aswell, as seen on the left 16 Slot Battery Box. And yes they display the amount contained inside all the contained Batteries.

What else did I do, ah right I fixed the JABBA Dolly even being able to pick up GT Blocks despite it being known to cause crashes, now it wont pick up any GT things anymore. And I added Pillars to connect my Strongholds to the ground.

Thank you to everyone as always, this really means a lot to me ^^

Link to new Website for convenience

Almost forgot to mention, older Version of GT and GT5U currently have issues with the Capes, I am already trying to resolve them by making the fallback to dropbox actually work, but for that I need to wait for the old Forge website to finally delete my old Stuff (since there is an empty List, which overrides the fallback)

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