Public: #30DaysofGoddess December Practice Update

And yet, we set our hands
on our hearts
and know
the goddess is here right now,
that magic happens everywhere,
that the world is alive
with creativity and change,
and we are here to ramble
into and through it,
sunlight in our hands.

Welcome to #30DaysofGoddess for December! Whether you have been with us for the past 330 days of practice or whether you are just joining us today, you are welcome here! #30DaysofGoddess is a unique system of daily practice, devotional practice, creative practice, and sacred space all in one.

Here are some resources for your December goddess-centered daily devotional practice! Attached below, you will find a flexible use daily prayerbook pdf that you can print out double sided and either staple or sew together. There is also the super minimalist logbook edition. These files are meant to be printed double sided.

I've included a sample pack of new prayercards and mini cards for your use as well (additional cards may be found in past practice updates or as Patreon community exclusive posts. See the main landing page for links). These free resources are sufficient to get you going with a daily practice and portable sacred space without going backwards, catching up, or feeling like you are "behind." There is no such thing as behind, you are right where you need to be. :)

Additional Resources:

  • Members of our Patreon get additional new printables as well as the pdf edition of the December-specific prayerbooks. Those additional resources are available for the Patreon community here.
  • Free #7DaysofGoddess daily devotional class (this is perpetual/evergreen class that will drip out daily over the course of 7 days, whenever you sign up, to get you going).
  • Companion devotional decks
  • Spiral bound December prayerbooks
  • Note: as referenced in the video, a 30 day devotional class is now open. If you pre-ordered a #30DaysofGoddess companion deck this summer, the companion class is a gift for you. You should have received an email invitation to join the class and also a separate email with an access link and code. If you pre-ordered a deck and did not receive an email, please let me know.
  • Flip-through video of simple logbook
  • "From this to that" prayerbook video with ideas for creating and exploring.
  • Original practice resource post from January of last year with original files, original inspiration audio, and how to sew a book videos.

Welcome to December! I'm so glad you're here!

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