New ScoreSaber Website & API Release

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So finally after what feels like forever, ScoreSaber has essentially been rebuilt from the ground up with a new website and backend API.

So what does this mean for ScoreSaber?

So... so many things. Because of the old backend ScoreSaber has essentially been in a state of limbo in terms of development, while we've added a bunch of new features to the plugin in game such as the new replay system and UI upgrades, we haven't been able to add any new meaningful functionality to the website, or the score data that we collect.

With ScoreSaber back in active development here are just a few of the things we're going to be adding within the coming weeks/months

  • ScoreSaber for Quest
  • Comments on profiles and leaderboards
  • PP curve adjustment
  • Customizable profiles
  • Expanded data for score submissions (accuracy over time graphs, points of failure graphs, left & right hand statistics, etc..)
  • Ability for Oculus users to login to the website
  • Multiple ranked leaderboards
  • ScoreSaber MMR Multiplayer
  • ..and much more

ScoreSaber has been held back for so long now, but now that we're back in active development you'll be seeing a bunch of new features being added constantly, this means a whole lot for the Beat Saber community, we love the game and things have admittedly gotten a bit stale/monotonous; we aim to change that.

Our brand new open source website

We have attempted to recode the ScoreSaber frontend quite a few times now, first in javascript + react, second in typescript + react, but nothing felt right, until one of our developers Auros introduced me to svelte, I immediately fell in love.

With the new API done I was looking to get a new frontend out with it ASAP, however I'm not exactly the greatest frontend developer, so I made a post in the #updates channel of our discord looking for skilled component based frontend developers and within a few hours we had our brand new development team comprised of JiveOff, byhemechi and Dannypoke03. These guys are absolutely incredible, working with them, we got the entire frontend into a releasable state after just 3 weeks of development, please go show them some love.

Contributing to ScoreSaber

If you are a developer and would like contribute to ScoreSaber, our front end is completely open source on GitHub 

If you aren't a developer but would like to track development or just have a chat with the lovely people working on the website, we now have a development category on the discord where you can see all the git updates and make suggestions in the #web-suggestions channel

The New API

ScoreSaber's new API has been completely re-written in TypeScript and it's documentation can be found over here. It is going to be in a constant state of development so if you have any suggestions for the API, please head over to the #web-suggestions channel in the discord.

If you are a developer and you have tools that rely on scraping, api.php or the api at, do not worry! If you are scraping you'll still be able to for a limited amount of time at, but this will be taken down within a month so you are urged to upgrade your tools to use the new API.

If you are using api.php or the api, these will also be taken down in the very near future so please upgrade your tools to use the new api, thank you!

Plugin rewrite

After all this development the plugin also needed to be rewritten to support the new API, while we have finished development on this, we will not be releasing it just yet as we're putting it in the hands of some beta testers to ensure everything is working smoothly

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