Trust the unhealthy vegans…

Because you know what they say -- the unhealthy ones are doing it for the right reasons, not some sort of social-holier than thou-signaling.

What are the right reasons? It sure isn’t nutrition* and I highly doubt it’d do about F-all for the environment (although social signaling vegans boast those points).

*I’m not in the camp who thinks animal products, red meat, even cheap lean meats, etc., possess intrinsic harmful/unhealthful properties. Nor do they have special healing properties. Mainly a cheap low carb source of protein.

Here’s the most non-anti-vegan vegan article from almost exactly 5 years ago. Moderately recommended reading.

insert your jokes here about veganism being a mental disorder… or causing a mental disorder… or people with mental disorders are attracted to veganism…? Haha.

The right reason is ethics. I’m not vegan, but they’re right about ethics. It’s about animal exploitation. Humans exploiting animals for food, leather, etc., whatever. It doesn’t matter if you have a happy pig that lives on lush pastures and is given a swift painless death. You’re exploiting the animal at the end of the day. Vegans are against that. Should we call it “ethical veganism” to remind people of this?

It also doesn’t matter if the pig would’ve had a hard life and horrible death if it were left in the wild. In this case, the animal not being exploited.

And FFS oysters are about as sentient as mushrooms. Bivalves are ethically fine for vegans, would considerably improve their nutrition, and would make the B12tards STFU once and for all (oysters SMOKE red meat in terms of B12).

And yes nearly all food has protein. It gets complicated if you want to do high protein low carb veganism, but there are protein powders and online communities (eg, r/veganketo), recipe boards, etc.

And vegans who try to guilt/disgust shame people to adopt veganism can STFU. Someone telling me industrial agriculture chicken is toxic, filled with worms, and they remove unsightly tumors right before packaging: did you really think that would work? No, and now I’m going to donate money to Perdue out of spite.


On a less ranty note:

What low carbers think vegans eat:

They might, but they don’t have to. It could look like this:

Or this:

And a lot of this:

I buy ‘em by the pint like the ones in the lower right and freeze ‘em in ice trays. I’ve only had fancy oysters a few times but they’re very expensive. A pint of about 10-12 big wild pacific oysters is much less expensive and makes a couple oysters every day very doable. That’s ample B12 and a touch of EPA/DHA, although my go-to for that is salmon skin (which some fishmongers give away for free if they’re not giving it to fish oil supplement manufacturers).

Again, I’m not vegan, but I’d be a helluva good one. Lol

That's all for now!

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