Lindsey is the Girl Gone Glamping

Dec 3, 2021

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An impactful interview with Lindsey of Girl Gone Glamping.

Lindsey has been an inspiration for us over the last couple years, and we could not be more grateful for having the opportunity to connect with her a second time. Back in episodes 87 & 88, we met Lindsey as she passed through Portland in late spring of 2019. Lindsey now has a new rig that we talk about, along with a great story of selling her previous setup.

Most impressionable within this episode is the true character that shines through of a woman traveling on the road, running her own business and living an intentional life, her style. Lindsey is genuine, open, and on-point with her advice for those with aspirations to travel while experiencing a life of overlanding adventure! An episode worth saving, if nothing else but to listen to the first 34 seconds on repeat every time you need that push of positive inspiration. The opening is exactly why we have found such meaningful inspiration with Lindsey, and that’s only the First 34 seconds!

In the current COVID world, there’s a lot of great thoughts from Lindsey on overland travel today. How the demographics of many overlanding travelers has changed, and several helpful thoughts on how you could possibly overland full time while working on the road as a digital nomad.

Getting caught up with Linsey’s & current overlanding rig and setup:

Time on the road: 5 Years

  • Vehicle: 2016 OEV X10 camper on a 2014 Ram 3500 4X4 with a 6.4L HEMI (yes she talks about why it’s not diesel)
  • Electrical System: Roughly 1,000 watts of solar connected to four 100Ah lithium batteries.
  • Espar Diesel Heater with Van Life Tech’s two stage hydronic heating system.
  • Cell / Data Connectivity: Verizon using both a cellphone and Jetpack totalling 60gb of data.
  • Bathroom: 5 gallon cassette toilet.

So much more in this episode to learn from, helping you get on the road faster and smarter by learning from Lindsey’s five years of experience!

Connect with Lindsey:

Instagram: @girlgoneglamping
Facebook: @girlgoneglamping
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