A Bridge between Life and Death


Posthuman Immortals - Bridging the Two Worlds

Dec 3, 2021

To extend our consciousness after death, we first needed to fully understand and explain 'consciousness' thereby solving Descartes's hoary old Mind-Body problem. Fortunately M.V.T. cleared this up in 1979 and provides the basis for replicating E1 brains as circuits. The other component is an interface between the person's awareness and the new 'blank slate' consciousness generated by our analog MVT circuit (digital machines cannot compute in real-time because of rounding errors). Prototypes for this MVT build currently cost around £6,000 but a cheaper digital version will only cost a couple of 100. This won't host consciousness but will allow an individual to train a Zenet game to learn and mimic their particular playing style, and should be available in 2022. Neural AI will analyse meanings of each move. In both versions the first move switches from first to second player after death. I intend to power both versions with solar panels, since this is both sustainable and consistent with the Solar theology of Anu/ Heliopolis. 

Zenet is the only recorded method in ancient Egypt whereby living and dead can communicate, and is described as the "bridge between the worlds". Making decisions within a game micro-world is only a limited continuation of our living experience for sure; but communication between ancestors and descendants seems the only reason why we would want or need to extend. Zombie-robots for example would take away space and resources from the world, and might even compete with living folk for jobs and even media platforms &c. 

All Fifth Dynasty and subsequent pharaohs were known as “The son of Ra” and Ra became incorporated into every pharaoh’s name henceforth. In the Middle Kingdom, the composite deity, Amen-Ra was formed. Amen was a primordial self-created God, one of the Ogdoad; eight deities who represented the entire Cosmos. Lord Amen (whose name is the hieroglyphic for Zenet/ Senet set) represents 'cyclical eternity' and the Posthuman Immortals approach is a truely belt and braces since if the full MVT version malfunctions, at least there is 'supernatural-cum-psychological' assurance of safe passage to the Egyptian afterlife since the victory in Zenet leads you straight to the Hall of Ma'at avoiding pitfalls of crossing the watery void immediately following death. Zenet became recognised as a fully-featured religion in its own right during the New Kingdom. Religious belief is not called for though. Posthuman Immortals can be consulted or simply challenged to a recreational game by future inhabitants, whether conscious signal is preserved in the full sentient MVT version or not in the simple digital game. In case you are worried about being 'trapped' forever inside a Zenet box, it is worth noting that if a deceased player lands on a particular square during play they have the option of immediately attaining eighth (final or Horus) highest spiritual stage of the Egyptian afterlife. More to come on this throughout 2022. https://posthumanuniversity.com 

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