You can now be in charge! Build and manage your own Mob and feel like a Boss!

Some relevant features:

  • Choose your Consigliere
  • Choose your mob style and color
  • Order your Associates to buy, attack, sell, retrieve
  • Power system based on how many properties you own
  • Other lore fiendly mobs that can be neutral, enemies or ally
  • Interact directly with the bosses of the other mobs in a tense sitdown
  • "The Squad", pretty much your most trusted men
  • Command The Squad to do a variety of things (attack, escort, wait, use cars)
  • Fear / Respect system that gives you bonus based on how much of it you reach
  • Increase your Fear or Respect by choosing what has to be done when an Event comes up
  • Choose a "Business Point" where the exchange with other Mobs will take place
  • Services like private driver or private helicopter
  • ...



Call the contact "Create a Mob" and if you have enough money you will be taken to choose your Consigliere (try to not spend all your money here, i suggest you keep enough to not struggle at the start).

Call the Consigliere whenever you want to open the main menu and have informations about your mob, give orders, call The Squad, access services ecc..
(You can set a shortcut key in the file Dealien_TheBoss.ini , not that immersive though)

The start Power of the other mobs is randomized at the start.



You can give a maximum of 8 orders with a minimum of 2 Associates per order.

◼️ Drug:

▪️Buy cocaine:
you can arrange a meeting with a non-hostile mob at the previously chosen Business Point to buy the desired amount of drug. (More about meetings down below)

▪️Sell cocaine:
you can send a certain number of available Associates who will sell the amount of drug you choose (from what you acquired with meetings). The time required to complete the order depends on how many Associates you decide to send.

◼️ Smuggling:

▪️Retrieve Smuggling goods:
send your Associates to retrieve crates of goods. The time needed to complete the order depends on how many Associates you decide to engage.

▪️Sell Smuggling goods:
arrange a meeting at the Business Point, this time you are the seller.  The chosen buyer Mob will come there and buy your crates if everything will go smoothly. (More about meetings down below)

◼️ Stores - Restaurants - Warehouses:

Stores (max 15) and Restaurants (max 10) yield periodically a certain amount of money (with an extra percentage if Respect level is high enough).
Warehouses (max 5) allows to store Drug and Smuggling goods (each warehouse increase the max drug of 1000 and max crates of 10).

this option is randomly available, means you can't always buy the desired property, sometimes you will have to wait for that property to be available on the market. It is more expensive than attacking and it takes some time but it is certain you will acquire what you want and no Associate will be harmed. The price decreases as the number of engaged Associates increases.

the chance of success of "stealing" the property from the target mob is affected by the number of Associates you decide to engage, the Power of the target mob and the property size (store < restaurant < warehouse). After a successful attack it's possible for the target mob to lose Power. The target mob will always have properties. If you own already the maximum number of a property type, the reward of a successful attack will be money instead. Associates may die (depending on the target mob Power as well).
After a successfull Warehouse attack, there are also chances of stealing drug or smuggling goods from the targeted mob.

selling a property is useful to have some quick cash and to improve relations with the target mob. Return in money is guaranteed and depends on the number of engaged Associates, while the relation improvement (from enemy to neutral or from neutral to ally) is not certain and is also affected by the property size. No Associates loss.

If the player no longer has any properties after having at least one  then the player's mob will be disbanded.


The Squad is the group of your best men. Every squad member brings with him 2 Associates (except for the last one, the 7th who is acquired at Power 10 and brings 4 instead).

Mob Power 1 - 2 ➡️ 2 Squad members ➡️ 4 Associates
Mob Power 3 - 4 ➡️ 3 Squad members ➡️ 6 Associates
Mob Power 5 - 6 ➡️ 4 Squad members ➡️ 8 Associates
Mob Power 7 - 8 ➡️ 5 Squad members ➡️ 10 Associates
Mob Power    9    ➡️ 6 Squad members ➡️ 12 Associates
Mob Power  10   ➡️ 7 Squad members ➡️ 16 Associates

When there is "room" or a squad member / associate dies it will take some time to acquire or replace him (new squad members will join when number of associates match the double of the squad membs).

If a squad member dies you will also lose its related Associates.
Max Health and Firearms of the squad members depend on the Mob Power as well.

◼️ Call The Squad:
you can call The Squad anytime when it's ready (there's a cool down after starting the game and after dismissing The Squad itself). The maximum squad members you can call depends on your mob Power and of course if they are available (look info panel).

◼️ The Squad Menu:

It can be opened by holding D-Pad left when ALL the Squad members you called are present (button changeable in the Dealien_TheBoss.ini file).

▪Stop/Cancel orders:
immediatly stop all the actions and orders of all squad members for them to come to you (their blips will turn blue: not busy).

number of the squad members who will execute the order. Free members (with blue blip) will be picked first then the busy ones (orange blip) in order from first to last.

which weapon type (unarmed, melee, firearms) will be used by the squad members at all time (remember to set it back to "firearms" in case of danger).

the desired number of squad members will attack the target of your choice with the weapon type selected above (blip will turn orange, after the target has been eliminated or it's impossible to attack, the squad member will remain idle until you are far enough or the option "Stop/Cancel order is selected).

the desired number of squad members will wait at the designated location (orange blip). 2 stances can be chosen: "stay put" (will ignore most of what will happen) and "stay alert" (will react promptly). If anything happens or you are far enough, the members will stop waiting and will return to you (blue blip).

▪Escort me:
the desired number of squad members will move closer to you and will try to stay in formation (orange blip).

▪Use vehicle:
the desired number of squad members will use/steal the designated EMPTY vehicle and will follow you with it (orange blip) until the option "Stop/Cancel order is selected.

the desired number of squad members will leave the group (you have to dismiss the whole Squad before calling additional members).


▪Bribe the police:
the Consigliere will try to bribe the cops and clean your wanted level. The amount of stars you can remove depend on your Mob Power (Power 10 can remove up to 5 stars). In addition if the Mob Power is under 10 there is a small chance that the cops will take the money but won't stop chasing you.

▪Personal driver:
a driver will come to you with a vehicle (model changes if a particular Power level is reached, bonus at Power 10). You can give commands to the driver while in the vehicle mostly like my other mod "Forever Together" (wander, stop, go to waypoint...). To dismiss the driver simply put some distance between you and him.

▪Personal helicopter:
pretty much like above except that the vehicle is... an helicopter and the service is available only after reaching Power 4. The pilot will try to land at your position at the moment of the call (try to be in an area with enough space for him to land).


▪Rename your Mob:
change the name of your mob (try keeping it short).

▪Create/Relocate the Business Point:
you choose an area where the meetings will take place (buying drug, selling smuggling goods). The first time it's for free. A relative wide and obstacle-free space works the best.

▪Weapons style:
since many of you dislike the old Tommy-gun (dunno why cause i love it) here there is the option to choose if The Squad use modern guns (pistol, heavy pistol, SMG) or old-fashioned ones (vintage pistol, pistol 50, Gusenberg). You can change it only when no member of The Squad is with you.

▪Change the clothing color:
it takes you to the Consigliere screen and let you change the color of him and The Squad members.

say goodbye to the Consigliere and everything you did so far for your Mob. Quit the Boss life.


Every now and then the Consigliere brings your attention to some matters that require you to make a choice. Most of the time you have 3 options. One increase the Respect, another increases the Fear while the last one (doing nothing) decreases significantly either Fear or Respect depending on what you have (this happens automatically even if you close the menu without making a choice or refuse to answer the Consigliere).

There are also some special events that can come up randomly. These events give the player the possibility to raise significantly either Fear or Respect and require the player to do a mini-mission.
When one of these special events pops up and the right option is chosen then a mini mission will start. If the mission is done properly the player will gain a big amount of either Fear or Respect.
Read the event carefully when the Consigliere calls for your attention!

It's always wise to choose one of the first 2 because:
High level of Fear decreases the chances of being attacked from enemy mobs and the chances of "traps" during the meetings (chances are always 0 if the mob is an Ally)
High level of Respect increases a percentage of your total income from Stores and Restaurants.

There are few events where your only choice is to acknowledge and minimize the loss of Fear/Respect.

More events will be certainly added in future updates!


If you have enemies, from time to time you will be attacked. The attack strength depends on the enemy mob Power while the attack frequency depends on your Power (higher Power = slightly more enemy attacks ). The target can be either one of your property (if you have any) or... You! (be prepared, call The Squad, run to a safe place, take cover...)

Property attack:
a random property you own will be targeted from the enemy and your chances to repel the attack are increased by the number of available Associates and of course if you have allies (you can have only 1 Ally at once). Having 0 available Associates means you have no defense for your properties, I suggest you don't engage all of them at once when possible. During an attack, available Associates may die, If the attacker is successful you lose the property and the attacker may increase its Power.
That is why i suggest to not always keep all your Associates busy at once in executing orders.

NPCs attack:
if you are a viable target the enemy will come to you unleashing its hate. If you have any Ally it will come to help and try to fight off the attackers. It's wise to stay always alert and be well defended and sometimes running away could be the best choice.

Either when an attack happens or you don't have any enemies but the attack timer reaches 0, there are chances for the other mobs relation to change and so their Power.

If the player kills in a short time enough npcs that belongs to another mob that mob becomes an enemy nonetheless.


If you decide to buy drug or sell crates to a non-rival mob a mini mission starts and you are required to go to the Business Point you previously chose and close the deal with either the sellers or the buyers.
You can choose to play dirty and try to keep both the money and the product but you will have an enemy more to deal with and if you have any ally it will break its alliance with you (take the drug or the money case when the seller/buyer is dead).
if your level of Fear is low and the other mob is relative powerful compared to yours there are higher chances for the meeting to be a trap.
Play it cool as many things could go wrong.


From time to time an event will be replaced with a Sitdown event (how often this will happen can be changed in the settings).

If you accept, your private driver will come to pick you up and the Sitdown starts shortly after entering the car, if you are already with your private driver or pilot this will take only seconds. Mind that it's not wise to ALWAYS accept as the outcome of a Sitdown could be unpredictable.
Once the Sitdown has started the most powerful Boss (who sit on the big chair) starts by requesting you something.
Everytime you interact with a Boss, this one has a level of "Patience" that depletes quite rapidly, if this reaches 0 or you just ignore the request done to you, you will most likely have another enemy to deal with.

In each Sitdown every Boss make a request to you and you can make only 1 request to each Boss.
You are allowed to leave the Sitdown only when all Bosses made their requests.

Requests from other Bosses:

  • Alliance
  • Truce
  • Declare war to another Mob
  • Sell a Store
  • Sell a Restaurant
  • Sell a Warehouse
  • Give a certain amount of money

Depending on what you answer (and if you don't answer at all) there could be consequences in the relationship with the requesting Boss' Mob

You can request:

  • Buy/Sell a property
  • Alliance (If they are enemy this will be unlikely.. but not impossible)
  • Truce
  • War


This mod is intended to be played while doing other stuff around the GTA world.
Take your time while waiting for the orders to be completed. You can do some jobs with Crime Jobs (arms dealing fits perfectly) and with Roleplay Menu, spend some quality time with your partner with Forever Together or have fun with The Squad (you can create some impressive scenarios with those guys). If you are impatient you can always set the OverallSpeedMult less than 1 in the settings to speed things up... Just be careful to not set it too low.

👉  Watch the Gameplay!  👈

👉  Video about the 1.1 Update!  👈

Sorry for the long post. I tried to explain everything as short and clear as possible. If you have any question I'm always here to help!

Will you manage to reach and keep Power 10?  Have fun and let me hear your opinions!


  • OpenMainMenuKey - Shortcut to quick open the Main Menu (in addition to calling the Consigliere). DEFAULT = none
  • OpenSquadMenuButton - Button to HOLD on the Controller or Keyboard to open The Squad Menu ("-1" to disable). DEFAULT = 189     (DPad Left / ARROW LEFT)
  • DoNotDisturb  - Enable/Disable the events, the npcs attacks and the possiblity to call the Consigliere while on a story mission or doing mini-games like tennis, golf, etc...  DEFAULT = false

💎Patron version only:

  • StartingCost - Cost to create a Mob. DEFAULT = 3000000
  • ChangeColorCost - Cost to change Mob clothing color. DEFAULT = 12000
  • SquadCooldownTime - How many MINUTES The Squad will be unavailable after being dismissed. DEFAULT = 3
  • SquadMemberCost - Cost for calling a Squad member. DEFAULT = 1000
  • BusinessPointCost - Cost to relocate the Business Point. DEFAULT = 45000
  • EventsFrequencyMult - Multiplier of the Events Frequency. DEFAULT = 1
  • SitdownChancePercent  - Percent chance that an Event will be a Sitdown. DEFAULT = 20
  • OverallSpeedMult - Multiplier of the Speed at which orders will be completed, frequency of Attacks, Relations changes, frequency of the regular income and all the other stuff excluded those above. DEFAULT = 1
  • OverallPriceMult - Multiplier of most of the prices excluded those above. DEFAULT = 1

Recommended Mods (optional):


ATTENTION!  If you notice strange NPCs behavior or script errors check first if those issues also occur when you are playing with the correct requirements and only with my mods.

Known issues:

When choosing the Business Point the marker may flicker. If you have problems just move it a bit and keep pressing the "confirm" button, eventually it will be accepted (if green of course).

Requirements and How to Install:

💡 How To Install 💡

Please do not distribute or re-upload my mods

💎  Download the Patron version here 💎


  • v1.0 : Release
  • v1.0.1 : Adjustment for the version 3.4.0 of ScriptHookVDotNet
  • v1.0.2 : Fixed Squad Menu not opening sometimes - Adjusted the Public Version
  • v1.0.3 : Fixed Stop/Cancel orders command not working on some occasions
  • v1.1: Brand new "Sitdown" system - Added a new Mob Style - Added the possibility to change mob's ethnicity - Added new events - Adjustments to events and "bad" events. Money gained and lost with events are proportional to the Mob Power. Furthermore If Power is 8 or more the bad events will hit twice as bad - Squad members strength scales with the Power level - Drug selling and Smuggling are now a bit more lucrative while the income from stores and restaurants is a bit lowered - Enemy attacks are more frequent depending on the number of enemy Mobs - Improved attack and defend formula - Improved several spawning systems - Improved Private Helicopter (expecially the landing) - Removed Conisgliere mugshot - Lost of all your FearRespect if wasted and only a portion if busted - Several very small fixes
  • v1.2: Action events added to the events pool - Improved the Consigliere selector screen by adding 2 examples of how the mob's member will look once the style and color are chosen - Rebalanced attack/defense, win/lose ratio and number of eventual dead members - Probability of stealing drug or smuggling goods when attacking a rival Warehouse - Rounded up many prices - Buffed a bit the Squad Members - If the player kills in a short time enough npcs that belongs to another mob that mob becomes an enemy - If the player no longer has any properties after having at least one then the player's mob will be disbanded - Added the option in the settings file to disable events and rival mob npcs attack while doing story missions or mini-games - Many other adjustments and improvements

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