Hourless Life - Overlanding in Central Mexico

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Having previous guests like Eric and Brittany of Hourless Life return in this 2.0 version of the podcast, is proving to be humbling, as much as it’s a warm reuniting of overland friends. Eric, Brittany and their son Caspian have been traveling full-time since 2014. Openly providing all of us their unique perspective that only seven years of full-time overland travel and experience provides.

Currently on their first leg, of what's expected to be a 10 - 15 year overlanding trip around the world, you might be surprised by their slow, immersive approach to such an epic overland trip. In this episode you will learn from their seven years of experience, along with other fun details about their new Jeep Gladiator; why you should consider riveting your license plates to your bumpers, and how full-time overlanding; is life.

You might notice we’ve added a couple deeply meaningful questions for our guests. This deeper dive into core values, is to provide you a richer perspective from those who have (as Eric wisley advises) taken the actions that propel you towards your dreams, and actually do it! Eric and Brittany have done it, and continue to do it daily. Just as Brittany talks about travel rhythm, slowing down and experiencing the richness of full-time overland travel. It’s episodes like this one that provides all of us the wisdom to learn from and be inspired by.

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“Start with what you have” - Eric

Fun Facts:

Jeep: 2021 Gladiator Sport S with the Max Tow Package (automatic)
Alu-Cab Canopy Camper
Goose Gear Interior Storage System
REDARC Electronics management system
Renogy 170Ah lithium house battery
Cascadia 4X4 Solar Panels, including an 80-watt VSS System on the hood of their Gladiator
Extra 17 Gallons of gas by Long Range America

Full Build Details on their Jeep Gladiator - Dauntless (<---- click)

  • Water Capacity 17.5 gallons
  • Water Filtering by LifeSaver & inline filters for RV’s
  • Fuel Capacity (total): 39 gallons for approximately 600 miles
  • Cell Service: At&t complimented with Google-Fi (super helpful insight within the interview) and Skyroam

Removed Propain, going 100% gasoline (unleaded fuel)

  • Coleman Duel Fuel Stove

Favorite Recipe: Pork chops with bacon

Favorite Places (so far): Guanajuato Mexico

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