Update on some rewards! I have an addition to all backer levels at $7 or higher. Whenever I finish a new digital print and get copies ordered, I will be sending out a 4" x 6" metallic print to Patrons at the $7 level and higher. I'm giving a broad estimate that this will means Patrons at those levels will receive a new print every 2-3 months, possibly more often depending on the size of the piece. I am going to be working on the next two prints in the Dream of Dragons series after Convergence, they'll hopefully be finished by the end of the summer. I'm also adding access to the private Tumblr blog to the $2 level. I'm still working on a few pieces for it, there should be one up soon! I'll post a message with the password as soon as I've got it all set up! Thanks to all my wonderful backers, and keep cool this weekend!
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